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February 2009 Letters To The Editor - In Box

Glendive Short Pine
Rick Pewe
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted February 1, 2009

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We Goofed On The Ultimate Adventure!
Reader: I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this year's Ultimate Adventure coverage. I was so excited to see you in my hometown, I was shaking. I just read the articles in the Dec. '08 issue and picked up on a little error. The Glendive Short Pine BLM OHV area is just outside of Glendive, Montana, which is 75 miles away from, not just outside of, Miles City. I met Tim Hardy at the local Carquest when he and Fred [Williams] arrived with a driveshaft in need of help. To see the rigs in person and take my own pictures was awesome to say the least. It even made my wife see how really bad I want to build my own rig. Thanks to Rick, all the staff, and the drivers for the cool stickers and taking the time to talk to me. I look forward to the arrival of my DVD in the mail (I preordered it). Thanks again for the exciting day.
Nick Hegel
Glendive, MT

Editor: Thank you. It's readers like you that make the UA so much fun as we travel around the country. Our local reader base is always enthusiastic to see us cruise by. Make sure you think about applying for UA next year-four more random readers are scheduled to appear! Check out our website,, for more information. Hope you like the video!

Ultimate Adventure Errata
Reader: I'm from North Dakota and would just like to inform you that in your Ultimate Adventure coverage in the North Dakota part (Nov. '08), you called the Cliffhangers 4x4 Club the Cliffhangers Jeep Club.

Editor: Whoops again! Thanks for the correction. Here's the website for the North Dakota Cliffhangers 4x4 Club:

Positive Tire Retention
Reader: While on your UA trip, how is it that almost all the competitors have beadlocks when beadlocks are not street-legal, and all must drive public roads? Do you just hope the cops don't pull you over?
Richard Miller

Editor: Good point! First off, the UA is not a competition of any sorts, so the participants aren't competitors. And we never want a cop to pull us over for anything. But to your main point, no federal statute prohibits an individual from using non-DOT-approved wheels on their own vehicle. When anyone uses the term "street-legal beadlocks," remember that connotation comes from the manufacturing side of this industry. We think many beadlocks are safe for highway use, but they should always be checked for loose bolts, just as you should check your own lug nuts daily and after any off-highway adventure.

L. Fox Replies From Last Month
Reader: I am truly flattered that you took the time to respond to my rampaging regarding the "premium" version of your mag (In Box, Jan. '09). But as far as my measly "buck an issue," is it money well spent or wasted? I guess only I can answer that, and maybe your response to the following will help me decide.

In my last transmission I referred to your ride as a "sorry splice job of a vehicle." You attempted to deflect a shot aimed directly at you (not Mel Wade or Ali Mansour) and the Rubiwagon. That whole idea, in my opinion, was kinda unrealistic. Now don't get me wrong: I've created my share of mutated, slag-laden, glitch-infested vehicles. I just couldn't afford to do that on such a grand scale (showoff).

My whole problem here is when a reader writes in complaining about too many ads and your response to that is "we gotta pay the bills"; but then blowing that kind of cash on such a project seems rather, well, ludicrous. Perhaps you are just a showoff!

As you can probably tell, I'm trying to figure you out. Are you a good ol' boy that got cityfied or a city boy on the verge of finding your true self? Let me know and maybe I'll consider reupping my 'scription. And yes, TWF does share my views. I'm out. Thanks for listening!
L. Fox
The sticks

Editor: I see your point, my friend, and I have the answers. Yes, you need to decide whether a buck an issue is a good deal. I think it is. I doubt many other products give so much for so little, but it is your choice.

Now that I know your "slice job" reference was directed at me and the Rubiwagon ("Ultimate Adventure," Nov. '07), let me explain. That vehicle was built by a collection of shops and donated parts just like all our projects. We can't afford to pay for labor or parts to do such a thing, but the build shops and parts suppliers help out because they know the recognition will pay of.

"Showoff"? Hmm, not me, but I do have the responsibility of showing the best of the best. In that light, the Rubiwagon is certainly not a "mutated, slag-laden, glitch-infested vehicle," but rather a carefully thought out and exquisitely constructed vehicle that wheels like the dickens. It is a dream vehicle like the ones in auto shows-concept cars, but with an added twist: Ours work. We don't make something just look good; it needs to perform. But could we afford to build these vehicles? No, not on our magazine budget or salary. And the money that comes in from advertising goes to the Source Interlink shareholders, not us or our magazine. We do this because it's our passion, not because we're showoffs.

Yes, I'm a country boy far more sick of the city than you'd ever know, as are the rest of our staff, but we love our jobs so are stuck in this wonderful city of L.A. Invite any of us out someday to wheel and wrench or just have a beer. I think you'd be pleased with us.

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