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February 2009 Toyota 4x4 Truck Rides - Readers Rides

Posted in Features on February 1, 2009
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Tuner Titan
Vehicle: '82 Toyota mini-truck
Owner: Jody Dotson
Tires & Wheels: 42x15 TSLs on 15x15
Suspension: Custom 12-inch
Drivetrain: Detroit Lockers, 5.71 gears
Performance Mods: 22R
Other Doodads: Warn winch
Does everything work the way you want?: Works great
Anything you would change?: Hydraulic assist

Fordyce Fun
Vehicle: '85 Toyota mini-truck
Owner: Brian Root, Meadow Vista, CA
Tires & Wheels: 35x12.50 BFG A-Ts on 15x10
Suspension: 63-inch Chevy rear springs
Drivetrain: Dual transfer cases, Detroit Locker
Performance Mods: 22RE
Other Doodads: OTT Hi-steer, Warn winch
Does everything work the way you want?: Pretty much
Anything you would change?: Front locker and 5.29 gears

Which Way?
Vehicle: '83 Toyota Hilux
Owner: Carsten Harfallet, Norway
Tires & Wheels: 35x16 Boggers on 15x12 Rock Crawlers
Suspension: 4-inch
Drivetrain: 700R4, Toyota transfer case, front ARB Air Locker, E-Z Locker in rear, 4.88 gears
Performance Mods: 4.3L
Other Doodads: Fiberglass fenders, bobbed bed, internal 'cage, Warn winch, All Pro Hy-Steer
Does everything work the way you want?: Works great and the best part is that it's street-legal in Norway!
Anything you would change?: Drum brakes and stock Birfields

Mini Monroe
Vehicle: '84 Toyota mini-truck
Owner: Jeffrey Monroe, Wilderville, OR
Tires & Wheels: 33-inch BFG M-Ts on 15-inch Rock Crawlers
Suspension: 3-inch, Rancho shocks
Drivetrain: Stock
Performance Mods: 22R, RV2 performance cam, bored 0.025 over, Webber carburetor, Edelbrock header
Other Doodads: 3-inch body lift
Does everything work the way you want?: Of course, it's a Toyota!
Anything you would change?: Add ARB Air Lockers

Vehicle: '87 Toyota mini-truck
Owner: Steve McQuillin, Mosinee, WI
Tires & Wheels: 35x12.50 Mickey Thompson MTZs on 15-inch steel
Suspension: Straight-axle conversion with 4-inch Trail Gear springs up front, 63-inch Chevy rear springs, Bilstein shocks
Drivetrain: G54, 5:1 Inchworm transfer case, Aussie Locker front, Lock-Right rear, homemade square front driveshaft
Performance Mods: 22R
Other Doodads: Custom bed
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes, it works great
Anything you would change?: 30-spline Longfields, twin-stick transfer case, and a high-pinion front third member
Anything to add?: Always bring toilet paper on long trail rides. Leaves don't work so well.

Converted One
Vehicle: '89 Toyota mini-truck
Owner: Trevor N. Taryn, Pietrzykowski Youbou, B.C., Canada
Tires: 33x13.50 Claws
Suspension: Custom straight-axle conversion, 4-inch springs
Drivetrain: Toyota transfer case, Lincoln locker front, Detroit Locker rear, 4.37 gears
Performance Mods: Stock
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes
Anything you would change?: New motor and change the gears in the transfer case
Anything to add?: Truck was originally two-wheel drive. Total transformation took 36 hours.

Lone Ride
Vehicle: '84 Toyota mini-truck
Owner: Garrett Dean, Camp Pendleton, CA
Tires & Wheels: 35x12.50 MT/Rs on 15x10 steel
Suspension: 3-inch All Pro front leaf springs with 1-inch Downey shackles, All Pro buggy leaves in the rear with Johnny Joint shackles, Bilstein shocks
Drivetrain: Marlin Crawler transfer-case box, ARB Air Locker front with a Birfield eliminator kit and Warn hubs, Detroit Locker rear with All Pro chromoly axleshafts, 5.29 gears
Performance Mods: LC Engineering 22R Street Performer, Downey exhaust
Other Doodads: Optima YellowTop, Warn winch, fiberglass front fenders, bobbed bed, custom bumpers, sliders, and 'cage
Funniest Wheeling Incident: Flipped it onto its side and broke five steering-arm studs while wheeling alone. Thankfully I had a winch and was able to get it righted then limp it 50 miles back to town.
Does everything work the way you want?: For the most part
Anything you would change?: Convert to fuel injection and 37-inch tires

Vehicle: '85 Toyota mini-truck
Owner: Aaron Thompson, Spokane, WA
Tires & Wheels: 33x12.50 Wildcat All Terrains on 15x8.5
Suspension: 3.5-inch
Drivetrain: Centerforce clutch, Truetrac
Performance Mods: 22RE
Other Doodads: Custom bumpers, sliders, and spare-tire mount
Funniest Wheeling Incident: Spent seven hours stuck in mud hole because I wanted to test my new tires' off-road performance.
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes

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