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January 2010 InBox - Letters to the Editor

Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted January 1, 2010

Letters to the Editor

Ultimate Adventure Is Crap
This year's Ultimate Adventure was crap! Half the trucks should not have been on public roads with full hydraulic steering, no fenders, tube bodies, fake windshields, big tire sizes, no bumper or mirrors, and many other things. You should have gone through Massachusetts. I did with my buggy and got 15 tickets-almost $5,000-and a night in jail.

All trucks should have been DOT-approved and had safety stickers. That's how Ultimate Adventure started, with street-legal trucks. I have been wheeling for over 10 year and would love to do a UA trip, but I always thought I had too much truck for the street. I guess not. So all I have to do is get a sponsorship from some big-time off-road manufacturer and I can go next year? Sorry for being a #*%^, but that's just what I see and read. Please get back to me, a longtime reader.
Eric Christiansen
Islip, NY

At first we thought you were crazy. The background belongs with that truck, and we sure didn't see anything that could remotely relate to what you saw-until closer scrutiny! Yep, that was an artifact of sorts that was duplicated where it shouldn't have been. We never had a clue. All we can say is that you have darn sharp eyes!

We didn't go through Massachusetts for a reason, which you found out. All the vehicles on the UA are licensed in their own state; Massachusetts wasn't one of them. Many states don't have safety stickers, and the DOT regulates many aspects of vehicles but not what you and I can do to our own vehicles.

Our rules indicate that you are responsible for yourself, your vehicle, and any tickets you may get. Our job is not to be the inspector general or state police. We welcome you to apply for the UA this year, or even try to get a sponsor. However, remember the first rule of the Ultimate Adventure: No whiners!

Where's MY hat?
I have been getting your mag for years, since the mid '80s. I am an avid Jeep lover and got my first one when I was 8 years old. I really enjoy your mag. The question I have is do you guys ever give your longtime customers any freebies for loyalty? I see where you're giving your new customers a hat. Thanks for a great mag.
Matthew Carver
Canton, NC

The hat offer is from the subscription department, which we don't have any control over. We can't even get those hats ourselves, just new subscribers. We hope that our loyal subscribers stay with us for the content of the magazine and the fact that they save big bucks over the $83.88 a year newsstand price. Subscribe at and it only costs a buck an issue-and you get a free hat!

Suzuki Equator Soldier
I am currently in the United States Army stationed at Fort Drum, New York. When I returned to the states from serving 12 months in South Korea, I purchased my first vehicle. I bought an '09 Suzuki Equator Quad Cab 4x4! I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Up here in the north country of New York State, having a truck capable of any kind of terrain is a plus, and my truck sure can handle it.

When I found out what you guys did to Project Super Equator I said to myself, "That's what I need done to my truck"! Only thing is that I don't know how to go about doing all that to mine. So I figured I would get in touch with you. You do amazing things with vehicles! I'm deploying to Iraq/Afghanistan in January 2010. I plan on "beefing up" my truck when I return in January 2011. If you guys could be any help I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you.
Gary Blake Jr.
Gloversville, NY

We covered the buildup in the Mar., Apr., May, and June '08 issues. You can check out those stories at or order your own copies to hold and cherish. Simply click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the homepage, and you'll see a section under Online Services for ordering back issues.

Why We Wear Glasses
First of all, I would like to say that you have a great magazine. I am not a subscriber yet but have been looking into possible projects and will subscribe very soon. I do have one question about the cover picture of the October issue. On the right side of the cover picture the brushguard seems to be duplicated outside of the tire? Why? Is the truck photoshopped in the background?
Wayne Cawthon
Guyton, GA

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