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February 2010 4xForward

Posted in Features on February 1, 2010
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This is it You may be wondering about the title and photo in this month's column and how it relates to you the reader. No, we aren't dressed up for an outing to the Michael Jackson movie premiere, but instead for the last 4x4 of the Year test to leave from the Petersen Building in Los Angeles. As we gathered for our last trip out of here, we milled around saying, "This is it." I've been doing the test out of this building for 15 years, while freelancer Drew Hardin has been with us since 1986. Art Director Alan Huber has been here longer than me, but the young'ns in the group are also bummed out by "this is it."

This is the last issue of Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine we will ever pen from the structure affectionately known as the Death Star, and also as our Ivory Tower. That's right; our new owner, Source Interlink Media, is moving our group to El Segundo, California, for our commuting pleasure. In this economy it makes sense to be as economical as possible, and since we haven't been owned by anyone named Petersen for over 12 years, we don't need to stay in a skyscraper just because it says Petersen on top. It has been a good ride regardless, and we'll miss it.

But this move also gives us a chance for a new beginning, as with our new building comes new challenges and opportunities. Learning new stuff is never bad, and refocusing our magazine on what the readers want is the most important. We get letters all the time demanding more rocks, more mud, more Chevys, and more Jeeps-or less of all these categories. Refining the mag to what everyone wants isn't easy. Our desire is to make your mag something everyone can enjoy, whether they are mud runners or rock racers, trail riders or showstoppers. We love all the variations on a theme in tech, from the bottom budget build on beaters to the highest hi-zoot techno-wizardry we can find. We think that a bit of everything means something will interest you, and we hope that you're as willing as we are to delve into new items and learn a thing or two.

So stick with us as we move to our new digs, and see what new stuff we come up with. We plan to bring back some favorite stuff as well, and we'll be asking every reader to participate.

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