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March 2010 InBox

Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted March 1, 2010

Readers Letters to the Editor

Pure Appreciation
Hi, I enjoy reading your mag every month and I especially enjoy the coverage of the Ultimate Adventure; y'all do a great job. I know I will never be able to attend the UA but it gives me ideas for my 4Runner and me to go on a trip when I get back from Iraq. I am from Oklahoma so there are a few good places to go, my favorites being Clayton and Disney, as they are great. I'm sure they can't compare to Moab, but you should check them out if you ever get a chance.

I attached a picture of me and my 4Runner at Disney climbing the Water Fall. It has a stock four-cylinder, and I swapped out the stock automatic tranny for a five-speed, 5.29 gears with lockers front and rear, 6-inch Trail Gear suspension, dual transfer cases, a high steer kit, a custom front bumper and rock sliders, and 37-inch Iroks. The best part is I still get around 18 mpg with it too. Keep up the good work.
SPC Brandon Wyatt

Thanks for reading Brandon, and thanks for doing your job overseas. Why couldn't you do the UA? Applying is the first step; the rest is easy.

Why No Real Prices?
Many of us face restrictive budgets these days when it comes to just about every purchase. As part of researching a purchase decision, I look to your articles to help choose lift kits, tires, and so on. In your recent article "Taco Lift for Under $400" (Jan. '10), the specifics of how this $400 was spent is not stated anywhere. I understand that retail sources, optional upgrades, and many other factors prevent a publication from showing actual costs, but if you are going to state that a project can be completed at a given cost, I feel those costs should be identified at least in general terms. Especially when showing before and after shots, not showing where those dollars were spent is misleading.

In the article the BDS suspension lift was used, along with upgraded shocks and upgraded tires. Although it is stated that you "sprung" for the new Geolanders and that the BDS 5500 shocks were optional, none of the costs were identified, which is really the entire point of this article! I would not take exception to this if the article made no mention of any dollar figure to begin with. Love the mag. This one just struck a chord!
Kenny Jans
Snohomish, WA

Kenny, that's exactly why we prefer not to put any prices in print. No matter what, someone will find issue with it and not be happy. In this article the base kit was under $400, and the extras were indeed, as stated, extra. Sorry for the confusion.

Nuts & Bolts Rocks!
Just wanted to say that I think the new Nuts & Bolts section in the Jan. '10 issue is awesome. It is really cool to hear answers, albeit well-drafted "political" ones, to questions we have all wanted to ask to big boys. Props to them for lending an ear.

Also, I loved seeing Clampy again in the Pit Bull tire test this month. I enjoy watching the evolution of your project rigs. How about letting us know how older projects are doing? I know you probably have to be careful about the reviews you give, but it would be great to see how some of your projects did in terms of meeting their objectives. Just an idea. Keep up the good work.
Robbie Cox

We're glad you like the new format of Nuts & Bolts. While the department won't always be that way, for now we'll keep asking the OEs to answer the tough questions. As far as project trucks go, this issue is devoted to them, and in the next few months we'll clue you in on some of our older projects that have fallen by the wayside.

Nice Layout!
I have been a subscriber for quite a few years now, and I am enjoying the magazine more and more as time goes by. I have written a letter or two in the past, and I certainly should write more. I just finished reading the Oct. '09 issue. I know, I'm way behind on my culture.

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