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April 2010 InBox - Letters to the Editor

Dodge Truck
Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted April 1, 2010

Letters to the Editor

What Wheels Were Where?
Hi there! I have just purchased Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine. The Jeep on the cover has awesome rims. Be so kind as to let me know the brand name and model of the rims, as I can't seem to find it on the Net. I will greatly appreciate any assistance with this and will reward my helper with beer if he's ever here in Namibia, Africa.
Richard Hoff

Thanks for the offer, Richard. I'd like to take you up on that. The wheels you mention are the Spyderlock wheels. We are big fans of these tough wheels and have run them on our Ultimate Adventure rigs many times. Check them out at

Dodge Trucks Are American
In your Nuts & Bolts section in the Jan. '10 issue, the question was asked: Where are the Dodge trucks built? I think maybe a better question would be: Why does Dodge continue to build its trucks in Mexico and shut down plants in the U.S. (North Truck Assembly Plant in St. Louis is one) while taking a government bailout? We all know that labor is cheaper in Mexico, so why doesn't the price of the trucks reflect that? One part of the article states that Dodge is listening; do you think that they would listen to that question, or even answer it? Thanks for a great mag.
Jim Evans
Wentzville, MO

Yes, they are listening, and they answer us both below. It's simple economics on a world scale. We all wish the jobs would stay in the U.S., but we aren't willing to pay what the products would cost since our labor is so much higher. The price of the truck actually does reflect that. However, it looks like there will be no more Dodge trucks anyway, as the new Chrysler has said that it will call the truck brand simply "Ram," thus killing off years of Dodge truck heritage. Think they will comment on that?

Chrysler responds: Just a few facts in response to the comments: (1) Ram Trucks will always be part of Dodge. They will be VIN'd as Dodges, the Dodge name will appear somewhere on the vehicle, and they will continue to be sold at Dodge dealers. (2) Unfortunately there is not enough demand to keep three truck plants open in North America. (3) Heavy Duty Rams have been made in Mexico for decades. The bottom line-The Chrysler Group is grateful to the American taxpayer and does not take the support it was given lightly. We will continue to make decisions based on solid business rationale with a keen focus on repaying the taxpayers in full by 2014 and continuing to employ thousands of American workers.

Cheap Jeep Challenge?
Hi. I am just joining the 4x4 community with the recent purchase of my '92 Jeep Wrangler. This Jeep is not much, but it is a start and I got a great deal on it. It has a four-cylinder and a five-speed. I have read your magazine a little but was wondering if you had ever done a project like a "cheap Jeep." I am looking to turn the Jeep I have into a daily driver that I can also go off the beaten path every now and then. I have seen some interesting things, such as a 4.3L V-6 swap that would give you some extra power and reliability. Have you ever done an article such as this, or do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks.
Bruce Babcock
Stuartville, MN

I sent this letter on to Tech Editor Fred Williams for the Nuts & Bolts department. However, we plan to bring back our own Cheap Truck Challenge series, where we all have cheap rides to go wheel in at various places across the U.S. Anyone have some ideas we might use? We have pplenty of our own, but drop us a line at to put your two cents in!

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