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May 2010 4xForward

Posted in Features on May 1, 2010
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Space/time Conundrum
By the title of this editorial you may think I'm writing about Euclidian mathematics and quantum physics, but that's not even close. No, this is a conundrum of time and space, both of which I never seem to have enough of. For instance, I found a wonderful old 4x4 to drag home the other day, and then realized that even though I had the time to do it, I didn't have the space to store it.

Likewise as I look at my fleet, I have the space to watch them rust, but not the time to actually do anything about it. Just like spending time with family and friends, you may have the time, but they may be a few states away, or they could be next door but you have that darn job or fishing trip that gets in the way and saps your time up.

Well, I have the solution. Simply go wheeling! And while that certainly takes time away from the conundrum, you don't worry about the space needed, other than protecting your favorite trail. Not only that, but if you take your family or friends along on the trip, you have satisfied that part of the equation. Now if you're really lucky, you'll meet some new people with similar interests. That means your new friends can help with your projects, which saves time, and if you are really stylin' they have spare space for you to store some of your prized relics. If you play your cards right it can work for you too.

Is this pie-in-the-sky thinking? I don't think so. In fact, I proved it to myself just recently on a trip to Arizona. I went to cover a prerun for the Arizona Classic Bronco Club, which you will read about in a future issue. The club holds its Bronco Stampede each spring, and over 100 Broncos and other rigs attend every year.

We went on a one-day trail ride in the lower Bradshaw Mountains, through creeks and rocks and mud and dirt. Now really, what could be better than that? While I didn't drive as I was working, the very fact that I was spending my time outside wheeling instead of being a computer/blog/forum 4x4 junkie was invaluable. I met good people, wheeled, saw family and friends, and spent my time (and company time) wisely, solving half of that space/time conundrum. Now all I have to do is make more friends for more treasure storage.

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