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May 2010 InBox - Letters to the Editor

Editor Rick Pewe Jeep
Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted May 1, 2010

Readers' Letters

4xFord of the year Scoring Issues?
I just picked up your Feb. '10 edition (great magazine, by the way). I was looking through the 2010 4X4 of the Year test structure. I noticed for the interior portion you had the Dodge Power Wagon listed twice and the Toyota listed once, but the Ford Raptor won the category. Am I missing something here? Thanks again for the great magazine!

A vehicle might not win a singular subcategory yet still win the overall category due to high finishes in each subcategory. In other words, the Raptor didn't win any interior subcategory outright but finished high enough on each judge's scorecard to put it ahead of the other two vehicles once the numbers were totaled. Note that the bar graph we published agrees with this: Toyota, 14 points; Power Wagon, 17; Raptor, 18.

Secret Sauce
I was reading the Ford F-150 story in the E-Z Lifts & Bigger Tires section ("Flatter Ford," Jan. '10), and I was wondering what tire and wheel package was used. The author neglected to say. I appreciate your help.
James Toohey
Enfield, CT

Sorry about the omission, James. The wheels are KMC 798 Addicts from the KMC XD series, and the tires are 35X12.50R18 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2s.

Classic Coin Caper
I rediscovered a coin from your Classic Collector's Series while cleaning my garage. I was reminded of the day I last saw that coin. I had totaled my '88 Jeep XJ that morning and was in the hospital. My father went to the scene afterwards and picked up the coin off the ground; it had launched out of my Jeep and was about half a block down the road, with not a scratch on it (unlike myself.) That day I thought I would never have another off-road toy.

Today I finished (!) my second XJ, finally replacing the first after five years, this one with an exo-cage to avoid repeat performances. It also sports D44/D60, long arms, a 5.0L stroker, an Atlas II, an NV3550, 33s, and 4.56s. I've read your magazine for 10 years, since I was 10 years old. I will continue, especially after a coin I haven't seen in five years resurfaces from the day I destroyed a Jeep to the day I finished another.
Saul Reismn
Denver, CO

That's a far better story than mine. The last time I saw my coin collection was when we moved offices from L.A. to El Segundo four months ago. If the spell holds true, I'll find it in five years, right?

Starting Young
Hello, I love your magazine and have every issue since 2007. I am 14 years old. I just purchased a '79 Chevy to start building as my 4x4 rig. It is in excellent shape except for the paint. I just bought a 6-inch Tuff Country lift, 25X12.50R15 BFGs, and 15-inch Mickey Thompson Classics. I plan on putting a light bar on the roof. What would you recommend for off-road lights? My dad and I are building it as a snow rig. My dad has a '94 Wrangler with a spring-over, 33s, and lockers.

Eventually we want to do flat fenders, Dana 44s with 37-inch Baja Claws. My family enjoys your magazine and loves off-roading. I have been looking quite a bit for fender kits front and rear for our Wrangler. What brand do you prefer as an application? My father's buddy has a plasma cutter, so cutting isn't an issue. Well, keep up the good work. You're all I read 24/7.
Zane Hogue

Thanks for reading, Zane. We hope you stay with us for quite some time. You are right about fenders kits. There are way too many of them for an easy selection, but we have yet to find one we haven't liked. We recommend that you talk to your local guys for an indication of what works well for them in your area and for your type of wheeling. Just like Jeeps, where you take it and how you build it can differ greatly.

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