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September 2010 InBox - Letters to the Editor

Engine Bay
Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted September 1, 2010

Insurance Advice, One Final FJ vs. JK comment & More!

Two Plugs Per Engine?
Just for your information, on page 83 of July '10 ("Super Duty Super Hauler"), the lower right caption 4 reads: "The new 6.2L gas engine is no slouch. The engine features two plugs per engine." I hope you meant two plugs per cylinder as I had in my Mercedes Benz ML320. Please get back to me on this, and best of luck always, and God bless. Love your magazine. I have pictures of a Jeep I built with a 360ci motor and builtup transmission-it was scary how much power it had with a mild cam.
Gary Ritzke

Hmm. So it is! Thanks for the catch.

What Batteries?
I read your article "Onboard Essentials" (July '10). In the part about how to find your way, you talk about all of the high-tech ways to find your way around. You would be up the creek if these gadgets quit or their batteries ran down. You need the ancient device called a compass to find your way. It should be as important as all of the high-tech gadgets you can carry. A compass and a good map can still get you places a GPS can't find, plus get you home again.
John Moore

You are absolutely right. However, the vast majority of our population doesn't have a clue how to read a map, much less a compass. Sad but true. I still use the sun for navigation, and it seems to keep working without batteries as well. It's a bit of a drag at night, but then the stars help out.

Yes, We Were Wrong
I received my June '10 issue yesterday and, of course, had to pick it up and start reading (even though it was only April 3). Sadly, I couldn't get past the In Box section before I felt bad for Dave R. Prouty from Mantorville, Minnesota. Now, I really don't care about GM trucks being design-driven by women. For that matter, I don't really care about GM trucks, period. (Hope I don't get feedback for that). However, I feel bad that he was told he was so wrong on both accounts. Guys, you need to remember that there are not too many times in our lives when we get to be right (I love you, Sweetie, if you are reading this)! So when you tell Dave that he emailed the wrong address, that's just not fair, especially if on the following page under Submission Information, it says to email submissions to, not the correct I believe you owe Dave an apology and should let him know he is not wrong.

We all need a win every so often to drive us toward the next one. In the meantime, update your submission information and continue producing a great mag! Hopefully, I'll see you all out on the rocks in the backcountry, where we can honestly debate where GM went wrong.
Destin Christiansen
Brigham City, UT

Yep. Sorry, Dave. Send us your address and we'll send you a plate for the dissing.

Mud Tire Test
Thanks for the latest issue. It was the same quality reporting and exploring I have come to expect. Regarding your mini mud tyre test (June '10), I have no problems with your choices. They were all very good tyres, but I would have loved to see the TrXus MT by Interco included or mentioned. I have been running them on my stock '00 Nissan Frontier (a highly underrated mini-mudder) for years now and am more impressed every day. I use it 90 percent on road and 10 percent off, including all winter long for skiing and everything else up here in Canada. It tosses mud and clears quickly, and at low speeds it grips on ice and snow better than any other mud tyre I've seen or heard about. It's surprisingly quiet at highway speeds and has been wearing very well. It's the perfect tyre for my use, and I bet it would test very well. Cheers, and thanks for the great mag.
Ryan Robinson
Down Under

We actually tested this tire in our first mud tire shootout (Oct. '09), and it won! Check out the story at

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