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November 2010 Inbox - Letters to the Editor

Case Of Coronas
Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted November 1, 2010

Corona carrying tips, FJ vs. JK and more!

Insurance Debate
In "Reader Rave" (In Box, Sept. '10) you actually hit the target with your question (insure the driver). I am in full agreement with that statement. It would be much better for those of us that have multiple vehicles, as the insurance costs would be so much simpler to adjust to. I have to keep moving the insurance around as I move vehicles into storage and back out, as weather dictates my choice. If the driver was insured all cars would be covered. You would still need comp on all cars so they are protected while not being driven, but the savings and "paperwork" would be reduced, helping the insurance companies too. Thanks for such a fine magazine.
Gary Case

Unfortunately I don't think that will ever happen. It makes way too much sense and would save the consumer way too much money. How would the insurance companies survive?

Nuts, I'm Confused
Whatever happened to the ads for those really cool plastic gonads?
Dave Holmes
Santa Monica, CA

How do you reply to a question like this? I guess the economy hits below the belt as well.

Bottle Babies
I have a dilemma. My wife and I love to go exploring in the Northwoods for the weekend, which means we need to take along all the necessary supplies for Backwoods travel and campfire entertainment. The problem is that our favorite adult beverages are usually in glass bottles, so here is my two-part dilemma: What is the best way to keep those glass bottles from rattling around in the cooler while you crawl your way back into the woods (I usually have the cooler inside my Jeep), and what is the best way to haul out the empty glasses for the trip back? I have enough trouble figuring out all the other little noises and rattles in the truck without being distracted by rattling and rolling glass! Anyhow, your input is appreciated; I know Fred and Péwé both have experience with this because Corona tastes the best in glass bottles!
Joe Schmidt

Joe, keep the Corona in the carton. The cardboard dividers keep them from clinking. Replace the full ones with empties as you rotate your stock in the cooler. The cardboard tends to get soaked from the cooler melt if you don't have a ARB or Engle fridge/freeze, but usually lasts a weekend. And if you don't drink Corona make your own dividers to handle the bottles. A word of caution: Many off-road areas, parks, and federal and state lands prohibit bottles. That's because of the idiots who break and leave them or throw them in a fire, ruining it for everyone. Check your local laws before you get into a predicament just because you appreciate glass bottles.

Orange Appeal
Do my eyes deceive me, or does the orange Jeep on page 60 have some sort of IFS in it ("What 2 Pack 4 Moab," Aug. '10)?
Travis Shepard

You are a sharp reader! That's a new IFS Jeep with H1 axle assemblies. It belongs to Pat Gremillion of Premier welder/Pull-Pal fame. We'll be doing a full feature on this innovative machine, so don't let your subscription lapse!

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