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December 2010 InBox - Letters to the Editor

September Cover
Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted December 1, 2010

Tow Trailer Tires, Reader Rants the New Grand Cherokee and More!

Tired Of It All
Mr. Williams' article "Tow Behind Tires" (Sept. '10) does a disservice to those of us readers who are looking for accurate authoritative information from your magazine. The article suggests that LT tires are satisfactory for towing. This is contrary to all of the manufacturers' recommendations I can find. Trailer tires should be just that: trailer tires, designated ST, which means Special Trailer. ST tires have stiffer sidewalls to control and reduce sway problems. LT tires are made for light trucks and have more flexible sidewalls and are not resistant to trailer sway. ST tires are also more bruise-resistant. They are made to scrape curbs without damage. Towing with LT tires is asking for trouble. I've been towing for 18 years with ST tires without any problem.
Ronald P. Peles
Attorney at law
Stewartsville, NJ

Well, sir, you are absolutely right on the technical aspect of the story. However, we also look at real-world situations where people do what people do, right or wrong. I for one have rarely been able to afford real trailer tires in my life, and have towed with a mishmash of LT or (worse yet!) P-Metric tires for over 40 years with varying degrees of success. What you say about the tires is 100 percent true, and I thank you for your input. Our premise is that LT tires are not the best for towing but they do work, as 80 percent of our readership will attest.

Trail Duster Tech
In the Aug. '10 issue you included the article "Low Lift & Big Tires." It described installing a 4-inch lift and 39-inch tires on a '77 Plymouth Trail Duster. I had just purchased a '79 Ramcharger poptop similar to the one in your article. I have worn out that magazine and have looked forward to seeing the next article on this vehicle, which you promised! You said, "Check back next month as we toss in some low-buck traction aids and see what this classic fullsize is capable of off-road." I saved for a lift and am now saving for tire, and afterwards me and my soon-to-be-born son will do some cruising in the Ramcharger. This article is highly anticipated and I hope it comes out soon.
Eric Moore
Lowell, OH

P.S. I subscribed soon after reading that article! Thanks for the Dodge articles.

Eric, the poor Plymouth had some serious engine issues that kept us from finishing the series. Once they are fixed with some Motor Medic or similar stuff, we'll be bringing you the lowdown on lockers for a Mopar.

Scouting Around
Not to sound like a lot of other IH owners, but after spending an entire three-day weekend reading 20-plus years of your fine magazine I think I found maybe 30 Scout pics or articles (usually a Readers' Ride), and most of those were Scout IIs. Mine is a '65 Scout 80, and info is hard to find, unlike the '47 Willys I had. Anyway, I noticed you don't even have an IH section for your tech articles on your website. That would make a good addition to your site. Just remember an IH is like a Mack. Everyone wants one; they just won't admit it. Keep up the good work so I can add to my mag collection and hopefully see more Scouts in the future. Thanks a bunch.
Stephan Renner
Westlake, OR

Scouts are one of those "love 'em or hate 'em" rigs. We love them, but we don't have a lot of material to work with. We'll fix our website and also see what kind of Scout tech we can come up with.

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