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June 2011 In Box - Letters to the Editor

Mercedes Wagon
Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted June 1, 2011

Ultimate Adventure Quesions, Engine Dipers, and Much More!

UA Entry?
I’m a big fan of the Ultimate Adventure and would like information about when the checklist and application forms will be available for UA 2011. I’d like to submit my Jeep. I am currently deployed with the U.S. Navy but scheduled to return before the new year. Any info you can provide is appreciated.
Jon Moreau
Chesapeake, VA

Jon, the entry form is now available at Rules and requirements were described in Mar. ’11, page 75.

Now He likes the Ultimate Adventure
I haven’t been a fan of the Ultimate Adventure for the last few years. In my opinion, many of the participant vehicles have leaned toward pro-built rolling advertisements for various 4x4 shops. Well, after receiving my Nov. ’10 4-Wheel & Off-Road I’m here to repent. I’ve read the entire UA story and the UA crew bios (Nov. and Dec. ’10) at least three times, and I’m not through. The 2010 UA was the best ever. The entire group of rigs, drivers, and co-drivers participating this year could easily be encountered on any serious trail in the country. Even the CJ-17 is a very capable yet real-world rig that any competent enthusiast could put together. My compliments to Mr. Pw and everyone who participated this year. I’m looking forward to the 2011 UA!
Randy Raber
Hanford, CA

Thanks, Randy. That is what we strive for: real-world wheelers, not wallet-job rolling ads!

He Isn’t a Fan of UA
Big tires + big engines = closed trails. It sells magazines. It keeps advertisers happy. Keep up the good work and all the trails will be closed. The only readers who care about it are the two or three invited each year.
Al Grosenheider
Via email
P.S. The UA sucks.

Well, Al, is a 35-inch tire really big? How about a Toyota four-cylinder engine? Too big? What about the fact that we usually go to private parks on the Ultimate Adventure so public trails are not impacted? This is what the UA is about, but if you want to read more into it, it’s your grumpy world.

What if we invited you? Would you care then? Come on, Al, don’t be a grumpy old guy! Get out and wheel your two-cylinder 4x4 with 29-inch tires. I bet it will still be fun! In fact, invite us and we’ll bring the same type of ride!

No Pampers Rant?
I just received my Mar. ’11 issue and was flattered to find out you printed my letter. However, by your response I think you misunderstood my diaper tip. This was not an ad for Pampers. If you go to and punch in engine diapers in the search, you will see what I was referring to. Hope this helps.
Frank DeVeglio
West Islip, NY

Hmm. Yes, we misunderstood, and we apologize. How the heck did we make that mistake? Thanks for the clarification!

European Sentiments
We just spent the summer over here and toured the trails of British Columbia, the Rockies, Moab, and the Rubicon with our SWB 88 G-Wagen. Yes, too-small engine (2L/four-cylinder), too-small tires (32), much too long low gears. I have greatly been enjoying your magazine and really loved the Ultimate Adventure coverage. Thanks for that.

From the European viewpoint, America is still the land of the (relatively) freeat least off-roadwise. Don’t let the funsuckers do to you what happened to us. Over in the old world we really are starting to feel like we’re doing something illegal when we go along a gravel road (and most times we actually are). On the other hand, some of our fellow non-blacktoppers over here are fuelling the issue by not nearly treading lightly, leaving piles of cans in the woods, leaving campfires smouldering, and so on. So doing something is one thing, but not doing something might also be important. You have got a lot to lose and it is worth fighting for it. Good luck!
Matthias Goettenauer
Via email

Thanks for the note. It will always be a battle to keep areas open. You are doing the right thing by picking up after those who trash it, here and back home. Thanks!

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