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The Readers Rides Ultimate Giveaway

Posted in Features on August 17, 2011
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No matter if you wheel a rusty old pickup or an ultra trick buggy, we want to see what you have!

Do you want to win some free stuff and get your rig in the magazine? Well, lucky for you it’s never been easier to do both. We’re gearing up for our Readers Rides extravaganza that will be in the February 2012 issue and we are looking for the best 4x4s on the planet. By simply emailing with a few high resolution photos (at least 1600x1200 or 2MB (no cell phone photos please)) and filling out the spec sheet below you will be automatically entered into the Readers Rides Ultimate Giveaway. Be sure your rigs action shot is photographed in a legal off road area. Always be careful to watch your photo background as well. If there are houses or some shirtless old guys in the background drinking beer, we can’t use it in the magazine.

No strings or gimmicks, we simply are looking for a collection of the best homebrewed 4x4 to grace the pages of the magazine. There will be multiple winners and prizes. What are we giving away? Well that just might depend on the rig and the winner. Tires, suspensions, stickers, disco dancing lessons, or trail ride with one of the 4-Wheel & Off Road editors are all possibilities. No matter if you wheel a rusty old pickup or an ultra trick buggy, we want to see what you have!

So stop wasting time and get your info in to today! The deadline for the contest is September 25th 2011 so get cracking!

Tires & Wheels:
Performance Mods:
Other Doodads:
Funniest Wheeling Incident:
Does everything work the way you want?:
Anything you would change?:
Anything to add?

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