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September 2012 4xForward Editorial

Posted in Features on September 1, 2012
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The digital world is changing day by day at a record pace, infiltrating our lives in many ways. Some say Facebook was actually created by the government so we would willingly give all our information to them, rather than them having to spy and eavesdrop. Of course, some people think Mark Zuckerberg is an alien plant that wears his hoodie to cover the tentacles. But on our side of the coin we are more concerned with getting you the latest and greatest 4x4 information without any weird conspiracies or wearing tinfoil on our head. That means changing the way we conventionally cover stories in the magazine, as Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road is no longer just a magazine. It’s a brand. As editor-in-chief and, yes, a brand manager, it’s my job to push forward these other avenues of content distribution so you get the most bang for the buck, even when it’s free.

In addition to the magazine we have a website (, a Facebook page (, a digital edition on Zinio ( as well as on Kindle and Nook, a Twitter feed (, and even a Pinterest. We also have an app for the iPad ( What’s next? At times you can catch our escapades on the YouTube channel of our sister magazine Motor Trend, such as the Cheap Truck Challenge ( In the future we want to have great videos on our website or maybe even our own YouTube channel. The future is ripe for the picking, but we will never let the magazine go the way of the steam engine. It will continue to be the flagship publication of the 4x4 world.

The first major change you’ll be seeing is our new coverage of the Ultimate Adventure. If you’ve never seen the UA before, it’s our annual event where we wheel the nation for a week with readers and sponsors, like a summer camp for 4x4 junkies. In the past we have kept a lot of the content for the mag at the expense of digital media, releasing it on the web only after the story sees print. But not this year. Having print’s two- to three-month delay for an event that is a moving, exiting, and currently happening is a bit silly, so this year we will post daily updates of the trip on all our media outlets as well as on the sponsors’ sites and anything else we can do to get the word out. That coverage will be complete with videos and a new sense of excitement you don’t have to wait for. And when our magazine coverage comes out, it will be more in-depth and have timeless coverage that the web just can’t deliver.

Check it out, because by the time you read this we should be about halfway done on the Ultimate Adventure, giving you exactly what you want to see!

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