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October 2012 Readers’ Rides

Posted in Features on October 1, 2012
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Pickup Cruiser
Vehicle: 1975 Toyota Land Cruiser
Owner: Jim McIntyre, Union, ME
Tires & Wheels: 36-inch Super Swampers on Pro Comp wheels
Suspension: Custom front and rear 3-links with coils
Drivetrain: Marlin Crawler dual transfer cases, Toyota axles, 5.29 gears
Performance Mods: 22RE
Other Doodads: Custom cage, disc brakes, and bumpers
Does everything work the way you want?: Almost
Anything you would change?: Hydraulic assist

SAS Dakota
Vehicle: 2007 Dodge Dakota quad cab
Owner: Rob Robinson, Monroeville, PA
Tires & Wheels: 33x10.50s on stock Ford Ranger wheels
Suspension: Custom solid-axle conversion with XJ front lift coils, and a spring-over rear conversion with 3-inch blocks
Drivetrain: high-pinion Dana 30 front
Performance Mods: Cold air intake, custom exhaust
Other Doodads: Custom bumpers and sliders, roof rack
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes, for now
Anything you would change?: Front and rear lockers, winch, 37s, and a 6.1L Hemi
Anything to add?: Love the magazine. Keep up the great work!

Full Circle
Vehicle: 1982 Chevy K10
Owner: Ben & Crystal Walther, Airville, PA
Tires & Wheels: 38.5x11 Boggers on 16-inch steel wheels
Suspension: Custom 6-inch with Rancho shocks
Drivetrain: TH400, NP205, Dana 60 front, 14-bolt rear with a spool, 4.11 gears
Performance Mods: 350ci, headers, Flowmaster exhaust
Other Doodads: Custom crossover steering, boat-sides, flatbed, and exo-cage, onboard air, Beard seats, Offroad Design steering brace and frame reinforcement, fuel cell, Hella lights, B&M transmission cooler
Does everything work the way you want?: Better than I expected!
Anything you would change?: NP203/205 doubler, beadlocks, and hydraulic assist
Anything to add?: I used this truck in stock form for many years, and then sold it so we could buy our first house. Four years later I found it sitting in a junkyard. So I drug it home and turned it into what you see here today.

Open Country H2
Vehicle: 2007 Hummer H2 SUT
Owner: William Baxter
Tires & Wheels: 35-inch Toyo Open Country M/Ts on 20-inch XD Revolver wheels
Suspension: 4-inch Rancho
Drivetrain: Stock
Performance Mods: K&N cold air intake, Superchips programmer, Flowmaster exhaust
Other Doodads: Rigid LED lights, Line-X coating on front and rear bumpers, cross-drilled rotors with ceramic brake pads
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes

Chop, Cut, Wheel, Rebuild
Vehicle: 1986 Ford Ranger
Owner: Joe Lenth, Arlington, IA
Tires & Wheels: 38-inch TSL SXs on 15x10 steel wheels
Suspension: Custom 3-link with XJ coils up front, TeraFlex rear shackles with a shackle flip
Drivetrain: C-4, Dana 20, Dana 44 front, Yukon axleshafts, 9-inch rear with a mini-spool
Performance Mods: 302ci from an ’89 Mustang, custom harness, Ford Racing headers, MagnaFlow exhaust, K&N air filter, runs on 110 octane
Other Doodads: Fully hydraulic steering, 10,000-pound winch, electric fan with a custom shroud
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes
Anything you would change?: 1-ton axles, coilovers and 39-inch Pit Bull Rockers
Anything to add?: The Ranger is on its second body, third engine, and third front suspension. Every time I think I am finished I end up cutting it all back apart again!

Snow Sled
Vehicle: 1996 Jeep Cherokee
Owner: Chad Bell, Steubenville, OH
Tires & Wheels: 33x12.50 BFG KM2s on 15-inch American Eagle wheels with 2-inch wheel spacers
Suspension: Custom 61⁄2-inch with long arms, Skyjacker shocks
Drivetrain: Dana 30 front, 81⁄4 rear
Performance Mods: 4.0L, cold air intake, performance chip
Other Doodads: Custom bumpers, Smittybilt winch, onboard air
Does everything work the way you want?: Works great
Anything you would change?: 8.8-inch rear axle swap and lockers

Pony Education
Vehicle: 1980 Ford Bronco
Owner: Dustin Johnson, Emporia, KS
Tires & Wheels: 38x13 TSLs on 16x8 Cragar Soft 8 wheels
Suspension: Custom 3-link up front, 9-inch lift coils, shackle flip out back with lift springs
Drivetrain: NP435, NP205, Dana 50 front with a Lock Right, Sterling 101⁄4-inch rear with welded spider gears
Performance Mods: 302ci, fuel injection, K&N air filter, MSD coil and distributor
Other Doodads: Custom steering, cage, and body protection, Rough Country winch, Optima RedTop battery
Does everything work the way you want?: Most of the time
Anything you would change?: 4-link rear, wheelbase stretch, fully hydraulic steering
Anything to add?: I did all of the fabrication on the truck, including building many of the components at school. The Bronco works great and is fun to drive.

Teacher’s Jeep
Vehicle:2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara
Owner: Amy Daszkiewicz, Wayne, IL
Tires & Wheels: 31x10.50 Yokohama Geolandar H/Ts on stock wheels
Suspension: Stock
Drivetrain: Dana 30 front, Dana 44 rear
Performance Mods: 4.0L, K&N cold air intake
Other Doodads: Warn recovery kit
Funniest Wheeling Incident: I recently “borrowed” my wife’s Jeep and took it to the Badlands Off Road Park for a little wheeling. It was funny to see the look on my wife’s face when she came home and saw her ultraclean Jeep covered in dirt after wheeling it all day!
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes. Its main job is to get my wife to and from school every day.
Anything you would change?: I need to get my own Jeep again!

Trail Raider
Vehicle: 1984 Chevy Silverado
Owner: Brent Ackley, Jeffersonville, VT
Tires & Wheels: 33x12.50 Riken Raiders on 15-inch wheels
Suspension: 4-inch Rough Country
Drivetrain: TH350, NP208, stock axles Performance Mods: 350ci, Edelbrock cam and intake, MSD ignition, Holley carburetor, Hooker Headers, ported heads
Other Doodads: Custom transfer case drop, B&M shifter
Does everything work the way you want?: It’s getting there
Anything you would change?: Increase the suspension travel, swap in better axles with lower gears and lockers, and add more power

Triple T
Vehicle: 1993 Toyota T-100
Owner: Tim McCall, Walhalla, SC
Tires & Wheels: 35x12.50 BFG KM2s on 15x10 steel wheels
Suspension: Straight-axle conversion, 4-inch Jeep Cherokee lift springs up front, add-a-leaf and lift shackles out back, Rancho shocks
Drivetrain: Dual transfer cases, Dana 44 front with a Detroit Locker, 12-bolt rear with a Detroit Locker, 5.13 gears
Performance Mods: 3.0L V-6
Other Doodads: Custom bed, sliders, and bumpers, Warn winch
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes
Anything you would change?: Replace the worn engine with a new one

Submission Information Send us a picture of your ride if you’ve never done so. We keep a surplus of Readers’ Rides submissions, but only one submission per person, and we love all off-road vehicles so send in your entries whether your rig is stock or not. Make sure each digital image is at least 1,600 by 1,200 pixels (or two megapixels) and saved as a TIFF, EPS, or maximum-quality JPEG file. Write to: Readers’ Rides, 4-Wheel & Off-Road, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245 Email to:

Vehicle (year, make, model)
Owner (name, city, state)
Tires & Wheels (size, make, model)
Suspension (lift, springs, shocks)
Drivetrain (tranny, transfer case, axles)
Performance (engine mods)
Other mods
Does it work the way you want?
Anything you would change?
Funniest Wheeling Incident
Anything to add?

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