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February 2013 In Box

 131 1302 01 February 2013 In Box 1994 Geo Tracker
Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted February 1, 2013
Photographers: Readers

Our Reader's Write Back

Orphan 4x4s
Hey guys, I have to say that you put out the best mag in the business. You are true to the hobby, giving guys like me much-needed info on various aspects of four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Do you guys know of any aftermarket body panel suppliers for the Geo Tracker? I have done countless Internet searches with no luck. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place, so I figured I would drop you guys a line considering that you have so much info on the four-wheeling hobby and industry.

I own a ’94 Geo Tracker that is stock for now. I have owned it for almost two years and have had a lot of wheelin’ fun in stock mode, but upgrades are in the works. Is it just my Tracker or do all Trackers seem to have a problem with the body mounts above the rear tires rusting out? I love this little Tracker. It has been by far the best 4WD I have ever owned. Any help you guys can give will be very much appreciated. How come you guys don’t do many features on these 4WDs? They are awesome off-road. I have taken mine all over New England this past summer, all the way to the Maine–Canada border and back. It was a great trip.

Also, you guys shouldn’t worry over the others that give you grief about safety. You guys know what is and what isn’t safe. What may be adequately safe to you others may frown on. Oh well, it isn’t them that have to really worry, is it?

Keep up the great work and awesome features. You guys are the greatest. And by the way, I am probably one of the only men not afraid to wheel a pink Geo Tracker and be proud of it.
Charles R. Mahoney Jr.
Fayetteville, WV

The Tracker (or Sidekick) is an admirable little wheeler, but we put it in the orphan category because of the relatively few numbers found on the trail or even modified. When we did our Ultimate Adventure 2004 we had one with us, and we even visited a park where the owner ran one all over the place. Check out for the whole story.

Just Go Overlanding!
In your “Just Go!” story (Nov. ’12) you gave great advice. One more thought: Pile up the stuff you want to take, count your money, put half the stuff back, and then take twice as much money. It worked for me.
Lester M Sendecki
Montrose, CO

Well put, Lester. An expedition often takes more cash than stuff. However, cool stuff can often be traded for more cash than it is worth.

New Rig for a Wheeler
I love 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine, and have been a subscriber for a long time. I enjoy reading about everything from rockcrawling to mud runs. I just bought a Jeep Liberty. I know it is not a flatfender or a Wrangler, but I am proud to be a member of the Jeep family! I look forward to reading about ways to improve my Liberty and my wheeling skills. Dirt Every Day (or at least weekends)!
Jon Mill Sault
Ste. Marie, MI

It’s great to see someone taking up one of the lesser-known Jeeps and giving them a try. Many of these wheelers are actually pretty competent on some trails and can get you the experience to do more than pavement. Congratulations, Jon!

Something Is Seriously Wrong 
What the hell is wrong with you, Péwé? You’re old as dirt, so maybe it’s senility. Or maybe you just got some bad chow on this year’s Ultimate Adventure. Whatever the cause, I am on the verge of canceling my subscription. Using terms like socioeconomic strata in this great magazine—nine vowels in two words (In Box, Nov. ’12)? Man, that’s messed up. If I ever open up this magazine and see profanities like this again, I will get in one of my Land Cruisers, drive to Source Interlink headquarters, and you and I are having it out. You’re on notice.
Jason D. Treadaway
Marietta, GA

Good point, Jason. Those are some high-falutin’ words there. But I still won’t drop to the other side of grammerdom with a quote as bad as when I asked a fast food worker for some milk, and she replied, “We ain’t got none.” I’ll try and stick to the basics and we’ll all just get along fine.

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