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131 1303 06 Work Jeep Feature Front Tree Link Suspension

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The front suspension is a three-link design that uses a triangular lower link mounted to the center of the axle from the frame. All the arms are custom made and use Heim joints or high-quality poly bushings. The coilovers and bypass shocks are Sway-a-Way Racerunners, and the hydraulic bumpsstops are also from Sway-a-Way. The springs are Eibachs with sway bars from Speedway Engineering. Note how the front chassis swoops up over the axle. This is because the front section is actually the rear of a CJ-8 chassis. This suspension has lots of up and down travel but is not designed for great articulation. The front axle is a high-pinion Dana 44 with a Powr-Lok limited slip. The steering box is a familiar Jeep Saginaw box mounted well back in the chassis. The drag link connects to a bellcrank on top of the axle, which operates a second drag link to the passenger steering knuckle.