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4-Wheel & Off-Road's 20th Anniversary: Past and Present Revisited

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Posted July 23, 2003

Potent Quotables

As you know by now, the Mar. '98 issue brands 4-Wheel & Off-Road 20 years old. What began in 1977 as a special-interest publication brought to you by the editors of Hot Rod quickly grew into the biggest truck magazine in the world. This vicennial issue pays tribute to those people, events, clubs, companies, and vehicles that helped put us on the off-road to success!

Who's the Man: The Editors

March 1978--November 1979: Mike Anson
December 1979--June 1983: Craig Caldwell
July 1983--July 1985: Michael Coates
August 1985--October 1985: Mike Anson (also publisher)
November 1985--September 1986: John Stewart
October 1986--August 1991: Steve Campbell
September 1991--April 1994: Drew Hardin
May 1994--January 1998: David Freiburger
February 1998--present: Cole Quinnell

4-Wheel & Off-Road: Then and Now

1978 U.S. newsstand price: $1.50
1998 U.S. newsstand price: $3.50
1978 4-Wheel U.S. subscription: $9
1998 4-Wheel U.S. subscription: $23.94
Number of pages in Mar. '78 issue: 80
Number of pages in Mar. '98 issue: 172
Number of advertisements in Mar. '78 issue: 31
Number of advertisements in May '97 issue: 308
Base price of a '78 Chevy Blazer 4x4: $5,986
Base price of a '98 Chevy Tahoe 4x4: $26,185
Price of a straight-axle Chevy suspension lift in 1978 ad: $319.95
Price of the same suspension lift in 1998 ad: $525.60
Price of 32-inch tire in 1978 ad: $72.25
Price of a 32-inch tire in 1998 ad: $116.25
President of the U.S. in 1978: Jimmy Carter
President of the U.S. in 1998: Bill Clinton
Biggest news item in 1978: Jonestown
Biggest news item in 1997: Death of Princess Diana


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