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1985 Chevy Scottsdale and 1990 Chevy 1500 - Bow Tie Boggers

Posted in Features on December 9, 2013 Comment (0)
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As far back as we can remember, there have always been a few questions anyone could ask any group of gearheads and a heated debate would ensue. The “what's better” wars can be fought for hours to the point of duking it out! Questions like Chevy versus Ford versus Dodge, Bud versus Miller, and Blondes versus Redheads can bring out the demon in some folks. Like Keith Grunfeld and Jeffrey Johnston from White City, Florida, who believe their brand is the best and are ready to prove it at any given moment.

These two diehard Chevy fans have been cutting, welding, and redesigning their Bow Ties for as long as they can remember. They are probably more knowledgeable on the brand than most other Chevy enthusiasts, and they can build darn cool rigs too. They both have a lifelong love for a brand that has been loyal to them since day one.

Keith's '85 Chevy Scottsdale is definitely one truck you would want for the day after Doomsday. The massive four-door Chevy truck rolls on 5-ton axles and 26-inch wheels that are wrapped with 65-inch-tall V-treads and can run over almost anything in the way. The 454ci Chevy big-block motor has plenty of power for blasting out of the deepest muck. The motor has a Crane Cam, Brodix cylinder heads, and a Weiand intake manifold. ARP studs hold it all together. A 1407 Edelbrock carburetor feeds the motor, and custom-built stacks help it breathe. A factory '96 Chevy transmission with an Alto Red shift kit and a Dacco torque converter were assembled at Speedy Transmissions in Okeechobee, Florida. Rear pinion mounted disc brakes bring the behemoth to a stop, and the leaf-spring suspension keeps the ride safe and controllable.

Keith would like to thank his friends and family, and most importantly his late girlfriend Nancy Martinez (RIP), for all of their support and help.

1985 Chevy Scottsdale

Owner: Keith Grunfeld
Engine: Chevy 454 ci
Transmission: '96 Chevy
Transfer Case: Rockwell
Suspension: 12-inch leaf spring lift
Axles: 5-ton military
Tires & Wheels: Goodyear 25L-26 tires on custom 26-inch wheels

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Jeff is no different from Keith when it comes to brand loyalty. He has been reworking the suspensions and engines of these machines before he could drive! More horsepower, a cooler stance, and performance were always his modifications of choice. This '90 Chevy 1500 is a perfect example of his work.

A while back, Jeff's good buddy Eddie introduced him to the mud life and Jeff hasn't looked back. A little over a year and a half ago, he started building this rig and has spent about $15,000 along the way. After removing the factory running gear and sliding some 2½-ton military axles under the framerails, Jeff started mocking up his build and ordering the parts he couldn't build. The suspension consists of a fully cradled four-link design with 18-inch FOA coilover shocks in the front and 16-inch Big Shocks in the rear. Brackets and tabs from Townsend Welding made the job easier, and powdercoating from Action Brass gave the suspension a little attitude. The 3.5:1 SCS gearbox spins a set of 1410 yokes and custom-built driveshafts. Chromoly rear axleshafts help ensure that the 14.9x24 Firestone tires don't snap anything while slinging their way out of the mud. The rig is powered by a rebuilt 454ci big-block, which is fitted with a Comp Cam for power and torque. Jeff also installed an 850-cfm Demon carburetor and Hooker Super Competition headers. A 200 shot of Nitrous gets things moving when needed.

Most of the work, including the flat black paint and motor build, was done right in Jeff's driveway with the help of good friends. Thanks go out to Jason Morgan, Pop's Transmission, Mike Johnson, Scotty Sloan, Chris Roberts, Grady Butcher, Brian Stone, Rick Briggs, and most of all Eddie McGraw (RIP).

1990 Chevy 1500

Owner: Jeff Johnston
Engine: Chevy 454ci
Transmission: Pop's Transmission rebuilt '85 Chevy
Transfer Case: SCS 3.5:1 gear ratio
Suspension: 4-link
Axles: 2½-ton Rockwell
Shocks: 18-inch FOA, 16-inch Big Shocks
Tires & Wheels: Firestone 14.9x24 on custom 24x12 wheels

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