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1969 Kaiser M715 Grille

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Mackie removed the military front winch and bumper for a couple of reasons. It protruded from the front of the truck more than he wanted and he couldn’t use the factory PTO winch after swapping in the non-PTO BorgWarner T-case. Plans call for a custom front bumper with Superwinch Talon winch, both in O.D. green. The forward-facing military blackout lights have been fitted with LED lighting and the hood-mounted blackout spotlight was converted to an H3 bulb. At the time we photographed the rig, the D-rings were mounted directly to the framerails. In this photo you can also see the front-mounted dual electric radiator cooling fans. Mackie didn’t want to mount them in front of the radiator, but even with the diesel engine mounted as far back as possible (without carving up the firewall of the classic rig), there still wasn’t enough room to mount the fans on the backside of the radiator.