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Jeeping Across America Part 5

Posted in Features on July 17, 2015
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Photographers: Rick Péwé

What would you do? If you can't go wheeling and it's still raining on a road trip across the country? Park next to a tank! Tanks are cool! Ok so this is what I found at the Tom Wolfe Memorial VFW Post 4207 in Monett, Missouri. And no it's not a tank. It's a M110A2 self-propelled howitzer, but it's still way cool. Since I had my muffler fixed on my mighty borrowed Jeep XJ, I had to keep moving westward and find interesting people and places.

I found a cool rock building in Granby, MO. Can you imagine the amount of work that it took to make this edifice? Granby is a mining town that boomed in the 1800s with lead and zinc. Now it's just a neat place to visit.

Since it was still raining, I decided to find tools at UHF local pawnshop. It turns out that the Explorer wheels are held on with 3 different size lug nuts, which is pretty hillbilly, so what better place to stop than here?

I love good diners, dives, and restaurants, and finding a Thai place in the middle of Missouri was weird. The building was non-descript, but the food and this wall decoration was incredible. And food photos just get old.

It was still raining and I still had holes in the floorboard. Most small towns don't have a large selection of fix-it stores, so I was excited to find a Walmart. Turns out the 2014 Ultimate Adventure gassed up here!

These holes in the rear floor were still allowing fumes, rain, and other nasty stuff into the cab. I needed a piece of steel and a sealer but couldn't source that easily. But my trip to junk stores and Walmart helped.

I found some door knob plates at a junk store, and molded them to the floor. This would be a solid surface to keep the rusted out floor from pushing through. A sealer would be next.

The final fix was brilliant, I must admit. I used a tub of pre-mixed concrete patch, and poured it on my door knob plates. It flowed enough to seal the floor better than anything else I could find for the price. Plus, it's fireproof, waterproof, and will dry hard. Eventually.

And the rain continued. And continued. I dodged more tornadoes and thunderstorms them I though possible. Driving away from the gray was the best defense, even with flash flood warnings going off.

Escape from Missouri! Although it's into Arkansas I figured I would get less rain and more wheeling. Check the next issue to see what I found!

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