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Jeep Pictures - May 2006 Sideways

Posted in Features on May 1, 2006 Comment (0)
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Further proof that there is crossover between all sports, the latest fad hitting baggy-pants youths across mountain towns is Jeep half-pipe boarding. Beginners are urged to stay clear of the lip, but peer pressure is bound to get the better of John Arnold, Ft. Collins, Colorado

Intrigued by the meteoric success of Ford's Excursion, Jeep toyed with an ungainly, underpowered, family truckster in the early '00s. Unfortunately, the project was shelved when Jeep engineers realized they couldn't keep the mileage numbers consistently below 7 mpg, make the vehicle's turning radius larger than two football fields, or make it impossible to see when backing Vance Hutchinson, New Castle, Colorado

When Hazel forgot his company-issued jacket in a participant's vehicle while shooting an event in central Texas, he never realized it would be used as ransom for erotic pictures of our newest staff member, Pete Trasborg. To the man with the blowtorch, please don't harm the jacket. We've dressed Pete in the French maid's outfit you requested. However, we're having trouble locating a shaved Chihuahua and 300 gallons of grape jelly. photo: Karl Westendorf


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