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Off Road Jeep Shots - Readers 4x4 Jeeps - June 2006

Posted in Features on August 23, 2006 Comment (0)
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Ghost Jeep

While we aren't sure why the ghostly fog is surrounding this '55 CJ-5, we don't really care either. Wes Teseniar's Jeep has the stock 134ci F-head engine, but its been pepped up with propane and beats the rest of the stock drivetrain with the extra power. The only other modifications are a homemade roll cage and front bumper, a 105-amp alternator, and a Pertronix ignition setup. Wes hails from Lincolnton, North Carolina, and tells us that what he likes most about his jeep are the memories his 6-year-old son will have in the future.

Wife's Beater

Bill Durham sent us a shot of his wife's grocery-getter running Lower Woodpecker in Florence Junction, Arizona. Hailing from Mesa, Arizona, Kellie wreaks havoc on the trails with her '97 ZJ. Its got the stock 4.0/42RE/NV231 combination, with a kick in the crawl ratio in the form of a 4:1 in the transfer case. From there, power goes to the Dana 30 front with 4.10 gears and an ARB Air Locker and the Dana 35 rear with the Superior Axle Super 35 kit, 4.10 gears and Detroit Locker. The Rubicon Express 4.5-inch kit has been modified with 5.5-inch springs in the front and 6-inch springs in the rear. The lift clears the 35x12.5R15 Goodyear MT/Rs. Kellie is still getting speeding tickets on the freeway and still flopping it over on the trails.


Art Beverleigh sent us in pictures of his '87 and '88 Comanche pickups. Pictured here is the '88 Comanche which got its Cherokee infusion in the form of an AW4 transmission, NP231 T-case and Dana 30 front axle to make the two-wheel drive truck a four-wheel drive. While he didn't tell us what lift and tires he's got, it looks like he's got a set of 305/70R 16 Pro Comp X-terrains with 6 inches of lift to clear them. Art's other MJ is an '88, which took its Cherokee donation in the form of a '93 H.O. 4.0, electronics, and all underhood components.

Harley CJ-3A

From Alamogordo, New Mexico, comes a very clean '52 CJ-3A. In a weird turn of events, Dennis Sparandera sent us the picture of his 3A right after the finished build, and we are running the picture right after receiving it. Dennis added a Matkins frame and Superlift suspension with the stock drivetrain. The entire drivetrain has been rebuilt to stock specifications, with the exception of a Lock Right in the rear axle and a 12-volt charging system. The new body came from Willys-Overland motors, and then was painted Harley orange to match Dennis' '04 Sportster. The only modifications to it are the Mile Marker winch, Smittybilt rollbar, and 7.00x16 NDT tires.

Iraqi CJ-8

All the way from Iraq comes this Jeep Shots submission of an '83 CJ-8. Well, OK, the CJ-8 is still in the states, but Karl Williams of Jacksonville, North Carolina, is in Iraq as a U.S. Marine Logistics Advisor (thanks, Karl) and got his wife, Yolanda, to send us a picture of his baby. The Scrambler is sporting the 4.2 inline-six, T-176, and Dana 300 it left the factory with, but the Dana 30 front axle and swapped-in Dana 44 rear got 4.10 gears with ARBs. The deeper gears help to turn a quartet of 33x12.5 Pro Comp MTs on Eagle 15x10 rims. Trail Master provided the 4-inch lift so the tires don't eat away at the pristine body and new black paint.

Sleeper TJ

All the way from our neighbor Greg Pasqua in next-door San Juan Capistrano, California, comes this '04 TJ with a full spec sheet. The 4.0L engine, 42RLE, and NV231 were left stock, while the front suspension got a 1 1/2-inch lift with Bilstein shocks to level the Jeep out because of the Warn winch. The front Dana 30 got 4.10 gears, an ARB Air Locker, and Superior chromoly axleshafts while the rear Dana 44 got disc brakes, 4.11 gears, and an ARB Air Locker. The stock rims and tires remain on it for the time being. Greg tells us it was built to be as reliable as it can be -- get him there and get him back -- not just bash around in the rocks.


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