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Sideways August 2006 - Hollywood Stunts

Posted in Features on August 1, 2006 Comment (0)
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Following Knight Rider's successful series run from 1982-'86, NBC briefly dabbled with a spinoff featuring, K.I.F.T., the Knight Industries Four Thousand. However, the show ground to a halt, due largely to audiences' rejection of K.I.F.T.'s surly personality voiced by Judy Tunudo.
photo: Jp Archives

Spry hunting Jeeps often roll over for a belly rub after a successful hunt. Sadly, Old Red was getting on in years and couldn't make it all the way over onto his back. So his owner shot him.
photo: Vern Ware, via e-mail

The Rubicon Moonraker Edition seeks to continue the Detroit/Hollywood cross-branding phenomenon where the Laura Croft: Tomb Raider Edition left off. The Moonraker Edition features an array of cameras, satellite navigation, and high-frequency warning alarms that allow the driver to navigate completely via quadrascopic closed-circuit monitors in the dash. Annoy your local dealer for more information.
photo:Keith Goettert, via e-mail

We're not even gonna go there, but feel free to send us your caption.
photo: Steven Ruedy, Norman, Oklahoma


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