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Off Road Jeep Shots - Readers 4x4 Jeeps - November 2006

Posted in Features on November 10, 2006 Comment (0)
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This Grand Gets Around

This '98 ZJ is chockfull of good stuff, such as a Clayton Manufacturing lift kit, 4.88 gears, front and rear ARB Air Lockers, and 35x12.50R15 BFG Mud Terrains. Alan Laidlaw of Naugatuck, Connecticut, drove his ZJ to Moab this year, wheeled it hard, and then drove it home - all the while in air-conditioned comfort.

They Understand

Tracy Schuelke sent us this driveway of Jeeps. The '04 KJ belongs to her son's girlfriend, the '01 XJ is her husband's, the '04 Wrangler is hers, and the '97 Grand Cherokee is her son's. She says all the project Jeeps have taken over the garage, so the drivers are forced to park outside. They're truly a family that understands the Jeep thing.

Muddy Squirrels

While this '95 YJ only has the four squirrels under the hood, it still turns the 33x12.50R15 BFG MTs. The Jeep belongs to Kris Simons of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and he's been aging parts in his basement for way too long, due to a hectic work schedule. But he has found time to add a rollcage, rear tire carrier, and TJ Sahara edition fender flares to it.

Command Vehicle

Sometimes the fastest way into Jeep Shots is to make us laugh, in addition to sending in a good picture, and Mike Galey of Ridge Farm, Illinois, did just that. With a largely stock '53 M-38 A1 that has received new tires, a rear Lock Rite, and a Rancho 2.5-inch lift, he was sure he'd get into this section by telling us what it was built for: "To serve as a command vehicle in the war against boredom."

Daily-Driven CJ-2A

We aren't sure which part of Kraski Gochev's submission we liked more, all the snow wheeling pictures in a '47 CJ-2A that he restored in high school or the fact that its his daily driver now. Seems that his TJ is too loud to drive into work - the neighbors even complain when he fires it up. So the CJ get daily duties, and hailing from Mountlake Terrace, Washington, we can't imagine that being a warm proposition.

A Family of Flatties

From left to right : Jay Fritz and his '47 CJ-2A with a 289 Ford V-8 and Warn Overdrive. The red '48 CJ-2A belongs to Bill Fritz, who bought it in 1950. A swapped-in Henry-J engine, Warn overdrive, and rear PTO have found their way into the Jeep over the years. The black '50 CJ-3A belongs to Jason Fritz and is basically stock, with the exception of 31-inch tires. All three hail from Stoystown, Pennsylvania.


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