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Weird Jeep Pictures - November 2007 Sideways

Dead Buck
Dave Lau | Photographer
Posted November 1, 2007
Photographers: Jean-Francois Jobin, Eric Cespedes

Got a problem with marauding wildlife entering your vehicle at night? Get the Buck-o-teen. Simply affix the blade to the roof, spread bait pellets, and wait. Guillotine-action guaranteed to satisfy or your money back. Not responsible for stained or soiled Dave Lau, Scarytown, USA

"And then Mr. Miyagi told Daniel san to show him paint-the-fence, so he went like this . . ."photo: Jean-Francois Jobin, Ste-Julienne, Quebec, Canada

"Hey, baby, how ya doin'? Out for a hike, huh? Cool. Me? Oh, I'm fine. Just kickin' it here. Yup, nothin' going on. Wanna get some coffee?"photo: Eric Cespedes, Saugus, California