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November 2008 Sideways

Posted in Features on November 1, 2008
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Sideways Awards!
For absolutely no reason whatsoever, we've decided to create a few award categories for some of the Sideways submissions that struck our fancy. As usual, e-mail your Sideways submissions to or snail 'em to Jp Magazine, Sideways, 6420 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048. Does anybody even buy stamps anymore?

Creepiest Reader Photo
We'll let Phil tell it in his own words because the only ones we can come up with are "yuck," "yew," and "yikes!" "My name is Phil Lodwick and I too am a Jeep addict. My wife took a picture of me right before I was de-manned. Of course I was good and doped up. The only thing that kept my focus was Jp. Thanks for the diversion."

Most Likely To Be Stolen By Trasborg
Vanessa Shurina sent us some snaps of her '92 YJ that's had a '69 Jeepster grille morphed into the lines. We kind of dig it. To us, what sells it the most is the black windshield frame and stock white-spoke wheels sporting gnarly Swampers. It takes away the modern YJ vibe and leaves you with a gooey, vintage feeling. Vanessa has less than $3,000 into the Jeep, including the original purchase price, the 2.5-inch lift, the $45 paint job, the 4.10 geared YJ axles, and even the two Jeepster hoods that needed to be spliced together to cover the YJ fender spread.

Most Decidedly Redneck Photo Ever
If you're a redneck, and who isn't a little, then this photo probably has something you'll appreciate. Maybe it's the beer (look closely). Maybe it's the lifted Jeep on 44s. Maybe it's the dude's Beavis jean shorts. Maybe it's the military tracked troop carrier. Maybe it's the chick flashing her goods to the world. All this photo needs is a hunting dog, a shotgun, and a pouch of Red Man to make it truly complete.

Most Insanely Over The Top Toy Hauler
Paul Wade sent us a truckload of photos from his new digs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for our Fuzzy Foreigners Edition of Sideways. However, we nearly fell out of our chairs when we opened up this photo of, as Paul describes it, "Abu Dhabi Sheik's caravan." Wow. We're guessing those angled doors on the bottom are garage doors. We could fit quite a few flatfenders in there! And check out the bank of air conditioners on the roof. This sucker appears to have it all, but what we're craving is a test drive of the rig that hauls it!

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