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Jeep Readers Rigs Blowout - Monster Mash

1964 Cj 6
JP Staff | Writer
Posted September 1, 2009

Readers' Rigs Blowout

Family Room
This '64 CJ-6 was a replacement for the '66 CJ-5 that had been in Michael Boyink's hands for 18 years. This Michigan-based family just needed something bigger. The CJ-6 has a 4.3L Chevy V-6 under the hood bolted to a T-18 and a Dana 18 T-case. The stock Dana 27 front axle and Dana 44 rear axle are stuffed with 4.27 gears and Power-Loks. A 1-inch spring lift coupled with a 1-inch shackle lift provide enough space for the 32-inch BFG MTs A Saginaw power-steering conversion makes steering easier and all the seats were moved rearward about 2 inches to make fitting in the Jeep that much more comfortable. The gas tank was sourced from a '78 and hangs out back behind the rear axle rather than under the driver's seat.

Bryan Maloney didn't tell us all that much about his '08 Unlimited Rubicon, but we did get a series of pictures that show it virtually running through the gatekeeper obstacle in Calico, California. Bryan built the custom suspension using 16-inch coilovers on front and rear Dana 60 axles and clearing 37-inch BFG tires. From the looks of things, we'd say he's got himself a very capable JK.

Best Friends
We've all had wheeling buddies, but John Trepl and Bill Luce of Spring, Texas, take it to a new level. They are best friends and both have Rubicon TJs. John's is the blue one and has a 4-inch Rough Country X-Series Lift, onboard air, Hellbent tube fenders and rollcage, and Shrockworks sliders. Meanwhile Bill's silver Jeep has a Rubicon Express Superflex lift, Currie Antirock sway bar, 33 Engineering belly pan skidplate, and Poison Spyder Crusher Corners.

For Pete's Sake
Our Associate Editor, Pete Trasborg, has a bug up his butt about Jeep Shots submissions taken in a driveway, so we're running this one just to see that little vein in his forehead pop out. Our thanks to Robert Starkey for obliging our cruel nature by submitting the shot of his '48 CJ-2A in front of his house in Payette, Idaho. Robert's '48 is pretty much stock with the exception of the General Lee-esque turbine wheels, 31x10.50R15 Yokohama muddies, and Bestop soft top.

Truck That Should Have Been
Crew Cab, Quad Cab, call it what you want. Jeep should have built one, and this custom "J4X" by Matt Wallischeck of Gillette, Wyoming is one sweet truck. He lists the year as '76-'79, and really, when you pull parts from all over, who is to say what year anything really is? The engine is a warmed-up 401ci V-8 with the smog crap removed, TRW forged pistons, Edlebrock "goodies," a custom dual-feed air intake, and Hedman headers. The stock TH400 takes all the abuse the engine can dish out and the BW1339 was rebuilt with a Morse HyVo chain. Stock leaf packs front and rear locate the stock Dana 44 front axle and Dana 60 rear axle and spin 285/75R16 Maxxis Bravo tires.

The Roadster
Roadster? Jeepster? Why not both? At least, that's what Michael Norris of Indianapolis, Indiana, calls his '70 C101. Well-appointed with the factory Buick 225 V-6, T-14 tranny, and Dana 20 T-case, Michael simply added some custom springs for a little more height, a Warn XD9000 winch, and 235/75R15s to some white steel spoke wheels. The results are simple, yet effective. Take your choice: a ragtop street cruiser or a pretty darn capable off-road wheeler.

While there are Jeeps in Brazil, things are a little bit different than what we are used to. For example, Rodolfo Ourique of Rio de Janeiro tells us that in 1977, when his Jeep was built, there was no AMC 304ci V-8 option. Instead, his Jeep has a 2.3L OHC Ford engine, which was a factory-original piece. Not so original are the owner-added Warn winch, Cobra CB radio, and Continental 31x10.50 all terrain tires.

Vague Greenness
This "green" "CJ-5" was sent in by James Kelley of Aurora, Indiana, and while we think it's a cool-looking Jeep, we wish we could tell you what shade of green it is, or what year the Jeep is. What we can tell you is that the 258ci inline-six is bolted to a T-18A and a Dana 300. From there it goes back into the realm of vagueness. Since we don't know what year this Jeep is, when James tells us that the front and rear axles are stock, well, that's all we can tell you. This Jeep was built to be a daily driver and runs on American Racing AR-23 rims wrapped by some 31x10.50 BFG ATs.

Portugal California
This picture was taken somewhere in Mexico by Alejandro Portugal of Lakeside, California, on an uphill trail named Simpson, which was part of a Baja 500 track. Alejandro's '81 CJ-5 is still mostly stock featuring the T-176 four-speed backed 258ci inline-six. Warn hubs were swapped-in after a stocker grenaded in the dunes. A custom front push bar, rear tubular bumper, and heavy-duty shackles rounds out the list of modifications.

Quiz Time
What has a Howell-injected 258 six, a T-150 three-speed, a Dana 20 T-case, and 4.88 gears in the Dana 30 and Model 20 axles? Need more? Okay, how about a 4-inch Superlift suspension, 33-inch Formula A/T tires, and an AGR steering system? If you said a new Liberty, you need to lay off the model airplane glue. Russell Stephens from Decatur, Texas, built the above rig and reports he puts more than 1,000 miles under the tires every year, all off-road.

Show Stopper
Shannon Griffin of Gananoque, Ontario, Canada, sent photos of what his '76 CJ-5 looked like before he pulled a complete restoration on its ass. He also included a small novel outlining the build which we were too lazy to read. Hey, dig that yellow. Are those tires? Yup, sure look like it. Boy, are we earning our money! Actually, since no hard specs were provided, we can deduce from the partially-opened hood that Shannon's CJ sports an inline-six and from the rear nut caps the Model 20 rear axle still sports the factory two-piece shafts. The Dana 30 front is likely wearing drum brakes judging by the six-bolt hubs. Other than that, if you're at a car show up in the frozen north and you spot a yellow and black CJ, take a closer look for yourself.

People Mover
Neil Webster hails from Whittier, California, but don't hold that against him. Unlike most of the wacky, granola-huffing Californians, Neil isn't afraid to take his SUV off-road. His '01 XJ is well set up, with a 5.5-inch Rubicon Express long-arm suspension clearing 33x12.50R15 BFG ATs mounted on 15x8 American Racing wheels. Some 4.56 gears and a pair of ARB Air Lockers bolster the factory Dana 30 and Chrysler 8.25 rear axles, while the factory 4.0L, AW4, and NP231 serve reliability in spades.

There's nothing like a bright orange CJ in the mountains. Robert Stevens of Ft. Collins, Colorado, sent in a photo of his '80 CJ-7 posed at Heart Attack Hill, which we assume is a location and not a description. Robert swapped in an AMC 360 in place of the 258 and added the 4-inch lift and 33-inch BFG MTs for better wheeling in the Colorado mountains. The tranny is the factory T-176 backed by the stock Dana 300. The Dana 30 front and Model 20 rear are stock, and although the rear sports a factory Trac-Loc it probably aids little in the way of traction.

Caffeine Addict
At least we're hoping the camera person was hopped up only on caffeine. Either that or something made 'em pretty jittery while clicking the shutter. Aside from the slightly blurry focus, Brandon Shirk of Luray, Virginia, sent a photo showing a lot of modifications to his '05 Willys Edition TJ. The rig sports 33x12.50R15 Pro Comp Xterrains on 15x8 Cragar wheels, a 4-inch Trailmaster lift, and a Smittybilt 8,000lb winch. The tub is lined with Herculiner, but everything else is stock, including the 4.0L engine, NV3550 tranny, and NP231 T-case.

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