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September 2009 Trail Head

Posted in Features on September 1, 2009
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Am I the only one sick of hearing about Obama and how he's "saving" us?

I know, normally I don't dabble in politics, and for good reason; I typically know less about what's going on in government than high-school cheerleaders know about abstinence. Anyway, it seems to me the liberal media is way too eager to run positive press on our current president. Almost like something fishy is going on. A sort of misdirection comes to mind, kind of like a magician. While he's drawing attention to what's going on in one hand, he's doing something else behind your back. But in this case, some of it is right out in the open, only no one is actually looking.

The new fuel mileage and emissions standard just signed a few days before this writing was widely cheered on the liberal west and east coasts. The media in these areas pretty much threw a party. But what about the rest of the U.S.? Not only will this regulation increase the price of a new car by $1,300, but I think it will pretty much put the final nails in the U.S. automaker's coffins. These companies will be required (forced actually, now that many are run by the government) to build cars that no true, red-blooded American will want to drive, much less pay for. Did you know that even our current president was driving a Hemi V-8-powered Chrysler 300 before the election? Oh sure, you'll sell some of the new green cars to the upper-middle class elitist Democrats, but do you really think Joe Average wants to trade in his hunting/work truck for a Prius-like car? Imbeciles in California are more than willing to make him do so. Don't laugh, because this is the kind of thinking that is headed to a state near you, if it's not already knocking at your door.

We pretty much kissed diesels goodbye thanks to government emissions requirements that increased the fuel consumption and negated the typical 30-percent increase in economy the older diesels provided over gas engines. The big-block V-8 and V-10 engines are nearly extinct due to CAFE standards, and small-block V-8s may be next. Ever tried towing with a gas-powered V-6? You might have to if Obama and his blind left-wing liberal followers get their way. Oh, and be sure to thank Mr. Obama when pretty much anything that needs to be shipped cross-country or otherwise via diesel is more expensive, especially in California, which will see even stricter diesel emission laws go into effect in the coming years. Pretty much all the commercial diesel engines that are currently California legal soon won't be. You won't even be allowed to drive them into the state!

And for any of you readers who voted for Obama because you wanted "change," at this point your best bet is to lie and say you didn't back him. You're getting change alright. Short changed. Ever heard of the Omnibus Bill? Google it. I'll personally go ahead and thank you for screwing your children and grandchildren out of the opportunity to go Jeeping on the 2,000,000 acres deemed part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. Nearly three quarters of that land closure was in California alone.

Many have compared what's going on today to the Jimmy Carter days from 1977-1981. And well, unfortunately we needed him to have a Reagan. But things are changing at a break-neck speed, and much of it is stuff that you may not be aware of or even want to happen. I urge you to vote in 2010 to put more Republicans in the senate. Hopefully we can slow down this runaway train of government regulation, spending, and land closures.

In the meantime get involved locally. Check out and join the National Off-Road Association (, the Blue Ribbon Coalition (, or the United Four Wheel Drive Associations ( It's easy to take action and it doesn't take a lot of time to help keep your trails open and stay on top of what's going on. Joining NORA will give you the opportunity to enjoy many discounted prices and hundreds of dollars in rebates on parts for your Jeep! The membership will pay for itself in the short and long term.-John Cappa

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