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January 2010 Mail Bag - Letters to the Editor

Posted in Features on January 1, 2010
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Why did you determine to interject politics into Jp magazine (Trail Head, Sept. '09)? I am a Jeep owner and enjoy reading articles that pertain to Jeeps. This is why I subscribe. Political diatribe can be found elsewhere in the media. You may attempt to tie this article to particular bills in Congress as important to Jeep owners. I understand a brief explanation of the bill and how it relates to Jeeps, but your personal political views are verboten as far as I'm concerned.

And while I have your attention, eliminate trash talk from your magazine. This is a blatant plea for younger readers whom the media has deemed inarticulate and active in the use of crude language. I doubt the majority of Jp readers are under 25 years of age. Give the rest of us a break and raise the bar.
Fred Mokray
Hillsboro, Ohio

Join the Club
I read the September '09 Trail Head and I just wanted to let you know that I'm with you. I too am sick of the media's glorification of Obama. I'm tired of the lies and tired of the trail closures. We just lost 200,000 acres that were closed in Southern Utah. Keep up the fight. I loved the September readers' Jeeps issue; I love to see all the great stuff people are coming up with.
Santa Clara, Utah

One Big Ass Mistake, America
Cappa was right when he had the courage to voice respectful criticism of President Obama's policies that effect Jeep enthusiasts (Trail Head, Sept. '09). It is not surprising that someone who has never had any interest in Jeeping would push policies from fuel consumption requirements to denying access to off-roading on public lands-that are bad for us. Although Jeeping is not my primary political issue, it is near and dear to my heart. So, here is the revised list of acronyms for Jeepers:

G.P.: General Purpose Vehicle (Jeep)
C.J.: Civilian Jeep
M.U.T.T.: Military Utility Tactical Transport
U.F.W.D.A.: United Four Wheel Drive Associations
O.B.A.M.A.: One Big Ass Mistake, America
Keep up the good work and the hard-hitting journalism.
John Moon
Tuxedo, New York

Got Balls
I just wanted to drop a note commending Mr. Cappa for speaking his mind about the current administration (Trail Head, Sept. '09). It was a gutsy move, as many people are quite opinionated about the direction our country is headed. One would assume that most Jeep guys are flag-waving, freedom-loving, willing-to-stand-up-for-what's-right folks. But to put your neck out there takes balls. I believe that it is going to take more people willing to expose themselves as truly American to turn the tide on our run towards socialism. Thanks for the example!

On another note, I would love to see one of my favorite restorations shown in Jp. Check out flickr photos; and type in "flatfenderwilly." That's me. I've been a reader since the beginning, and a subscriber nearly as long. I've owned 15-20 Jeeps, restored 5-6, and tweaked all of 'em. Love the mag, don't mind the tom-foolery, and appreciate the patriotism.
Mike Thomas
Fort Wayne, Indiana

I believe what you wrote about Obama is very true (Trail Head, Sept. '09), and am glad that you put it out there. It seems that some forums and most media are giving him a free pass. The people that voted for him should realize that at some point success can't be handed out, and that a Harvard educated lawyer can never relate to them! I will be a lifelong Jp mag subscriber!
Ken Martin Jr.
Ravenna, Nebraska

Secondhand Fan
I haven't read it yet, however a close friend told me about your Trail Head editorial in the September '09 issue. If his brief description of the editorial is even close, I must say thank you.

The country may have already gone to hell in a hand basket but there still may be some glimmer of hope if those who have a voice stand up and let the truth be known even if it is in the form of an editorial.

Thank you and please tell your supervisors how much I appreciate them allowing someone in your position to speak out against what is totally against everything this country has stood for in the past.
Beatrice, Nebraska
Trail Head Blunder

Only Republican Jeeps?
I subscribe to Jp magazine to get away from all the political nonsense that we constantly read in the paper, on the Internet, on the radio stations, and TV. Now I open Jp magazine and what do I read? More political nonsense (Trail Head, Sept. '09). I beg you please keep your inaccurate Rush Limbaugh Republican editorials out of the magazine. I won't go into all the inaccuracies in your editorial, but what the heck did you think you were accomplishing? Was this a paid announcement? Are you getting some lines in to pursue a job on Fox News? Hey, another one of these articles and you will have to put that cheerleader outfit on and change the name on your magazine from "All Jeeps!" to "Only Republican Jeeps!"

I'm now going back to finish reading the rest of the magazine and finish my beer.
Mo Green
Via E-mail

Spot on Obama Thank you for the great article (Trail Head, Sept. '09). I have been four-wheeling all my life and I absolutely hate to see what is happening to our sport, available wheeling areas, and our new vehicles. My first Easter Jeep Safari was in 1979 and I haven't missed too many since then.

Your editorial on Obama was spot-on. You expressed exactly my views. It is wonderful to see that other people are coming to this opinion and seeing that we really need to take back our country before it is too late. The rapid pace that Obama is leading us toward government control of everything is damn scary. And, as you stated, the people that believed his lies are the ones that are not carefully watching him. Every day there is another sneaky initiative to limit our freedoms and take over every aspect of our lives and freedoms.

I live in Washington State and the left-wing, tree-hugging, deep-breathing, hand-wringing liberals here are as thick as thieves in the cesspool called Seattle. Thankfully the rest of the state somewhat offsets the million-plus Seattle communists at the polls. They are trying very hard to keep up with California, New York, and east-coasters on socialism (read communism). We will be paying for Obama Care for generations to come. The truth about Progressives and change is that the "change" they want is to change the Constitution and the laws so that they can get control of everyone and everything. They were trained well in the crooked Chicago-style political machines and community organizing.

Keep up the good work. See you in Moab next spring.
Neal McLemore
Kent, Washington

American V-8 Roar
First, I want to tell you that you guys have a great magazine (although this year's April fool's joke was pretty cruel). I wanted to comment on the September '09 Trail Head. I am in complete agreement that we need to do something about these government yahoos that are trying to take away all of our off-roading places and all of our big power engines. In addition to having a Jeep, I also have a late '60s muscle car that I am horrified that my children and grandchildren will not have the pleasure to enjoy. If we don't fight back and get some people that are on our side in office, all sections of the automotive hobby will be killed off by ridiculous government regulations. As I am only in college right now, I'm still a few years away from having any kids and certainly years away from grandkids. I hate to think that all my offspring will know are four-cylinder cars and will never be able to enjoy the roar of an American V-8. Keep up with the great work on the magazine.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Yay, an Audit!
The answer is absolutely not. You are now the official hero of heroes in the entire four-wheel world for speaking out (Trail Head, Sept. '09). I am sure it will mean an IRS audit for you and being followed on every trail by a representative from the Bureau of Land Management or Forestry Service. The SEC will no doubt investigate the publicly traded rag you work for. ICE will come around to seize the records of all the vendors that support your projects. Your computer will be monitored and as a subversive you will be followed by homeland security and the FBI. Code Enforcement will be ever present to be sure you are not in violation at your home. Your favorite trails at Moab will have to be temporally closed for review like Tellico in North Carolina. The Highway Patrol will be your constant companion when on the road to Jeep events. The Environmental Protection Agency will be ever watchful to be sure you do not drip any oil on your driveway or the public highways with your junk. You will be called out as a wacko ultra-right-wing nut case; you will be lumped in with talk radio. Laws will be introduced that say the first amendment does not apply to Jeep magazines. You get the picture. You are still tops in my book. Keep up the good work. We need more people speaking out against those who will ruin this country with debt and socialism.
Raymond T. Holland
Immokalee, Florida

You wrote "I know, normally I don't dabble in politics and for good reason." Well, John, too bad you broke your rule, because what I read (Trail Head, Sept. '09) made me sick and angry! Just about everything you wrote in disfavor of are political points I support. And I don't for one second believe that we're ever going to see the day come when the V-8 engine is extinct. You may believe that if you wish; you may also believe in garden gnomes if you wish.

For what it's worth, I drive a '90 Wrangler YJ and a Ford F-350 4WD crewcab longbed. Both vehicles get around 15mpg on average. I enjoy Jeeping, but certainly don't have the financial resources to get out much farther than the local trails. The F-350 is a work truck: I cut and sell firewood to supplement my disability income.

So please do me a favor: stay out of politics and stick to producing your magazine, which I think is an excellent one, or at least was until you forayed into an area you, by your own admission, "...know less about what's going on... than high-school cheerleaders know about abstinence."

As for urging your readers to "...put more Republicans in the Senate," what frakkin' part of the last eight years of the destruction of this country's economy under GOP leadership did you sleep through? All eight years, it would seem.

I'm not cancelling my subscription, but will be giving it serious thought come the next renewal notice.
Forrest R. Prince
Quincy, California

Inside Source
Way to have the, ahem, stones, to tell it like it is in Trail Head (Sept. '09)! I know this must have been a risky move being it's not a political magazine and of mixed demographic (in reference to readers political orientation). However, this stuff needs to be said. When I see a Jeep, pickup or SUV with an Obama sticker I can't believe my eyes. How blind can a person be? It's like cutting your own Jeeps throat! I work for a certain federal agency and we are closing trails and dispersed camping areas left and right. I've been asking around for a reason but can't get one besides that someone higher up didn't like the acreage the agency had in "road" networks! Some of these are as smooth and vegetation- free as the freeway shoulder! Were closing them! Why?! Who knows! Mostly because it doesn't have a number on an insufficient "road" network map. This supposed "green" garbage trickles down straight from the top agency (the government) to the local districts where we then have to shut down our wheeling areas. This is new! We just started doing this so thanks to you who voted for "change"! You got it! Your public lands are becoming less and less "public" and more and more the kings "kingdom" in which us peasants are oppressed in its use. I will be joining some of the organizations mentioned in your editorial ASAP! If you print this in Mailbag please leave out my name. Great mag!
Name Withheld
Via e-mail

Jp Matrix
I was just wondering if you have considered any digital formats. In particular there are a few magazines available online. I am a current Jp subscriber, but I am deployed to Iraq right now and I don't have room for lots of stuff and magazines don't last that long getting passed around and sweated on. Also, it would just be much easier to archive issues so that later I can look back to them without having to keep a closet full of magazines back home. Thanks for your time. Love the magazine.
Vance McGee
Harrisburg, North Carolina

Yep, we do have a digital version of Jp magazine available. You'll be able to access your issues of Jp from any computer with internet access. Checkout and click the "Subscribe" box for options.

Blues Blunder
The "Monster Mash" blowout (Sept. '09) was great, but being an Illinois flatlander I spotted something in the "Slinky" clip I would like to point out. It was Elwood, not Ellsworth Blues in the "The Blues Brothers" movie. Also, Elwood is a small town just south of Joliet. Yeah, I've been there, and no, you're not missing much! Oh well, great mag anyway. Been with you guys since 1995.
Dan Carlson
Via e-mail

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