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March 2010 Mail Bag - Letters to the Editor

Posted in Features on March 1, 2009
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Hidden Treasures of Los Banos
Regarding the cross-country driving tips from the Trail Head in the October '09 issue. I am from Los Banos. In fact my family has lived there for the better part of a century. I understand why it isn't a tourist destination, but I like it. I'm not going to argue that your readers should go out of their way to stop there, but I think you may be selling Panoche short. Jeepers coming from the south headed for Hollister will find the Panoche route offers a more scenic and interesting drive than Pacheco pass does. Mercy Hot Springs is a former haunt of the Hollywood elite with newly-restored cabins and hot spring baths. The Panoche Inn has cold beer and interesting owners and patrons. A left turn on Idria road will take you to New Idria, a little known, well-preserved ghost town, which is also the back entrance to the Clear Creek BLM and off-road area. Oh, and if you do stop in Los Banos, Espana's enchiladas can't be beat, Ming's offers the best Chinese food in the valley, and an El Grullense super burrito will hold its own against any taqueria out there.
Aron Whitehurst
Turlock, California

Insurance Heads-Up
I'm a very long time subscriber. I need to advise everyone to read their homeowners' policies. Being an old farmer and never paying attention to such things, we had a house fire. It was not ever supposed to happen to me. Anyway, my '49 CJ-3A was 80 percent re-rebuilt and was 90 percent burned. I was thinking it was covered, since it was in my shop. To my surprise anything licensable is not covered. AMICA Insurance was very good and covered all parts that were not installed, but not the Jeep.

One of my biggest losses was my little book that came from Jp and described the O2 sensors and what not on modern engines, and it even said, "Don't loan this book to your buddies." Thanks a million, keep up with the oldies Hazel and all the staff.
Reg Hulbert
Spokane, Washington

Keepin' Budget
Just a short note, keep up the good work on the budget builds. All the other mags apparently have the same budget constraints as our senators. It's nice to read about a guy with a budget like mine. No money falling out of any of my orifices (that I noticed).
Wes Cadwallader
Simpsonville, SC

Hi-Lift Helper
Thanks for an awesome magazine. Thanks to you I got my '00 Jeep out with a broken axle using a Hi-Lift jack like you had mentioned in "Casualties of War" (July '09). Keep up the great magazine.
Brett Bierek
Cle Elum, Washington

Camel Trophy Jeep
I'm trying to find out what model Jeep was used for the first Camel Trophy in 1980 in Transamazonica. Any information would be helpful. Oh, and the Jeep rat rod looks great.
Sam Merten
San Diego, California

As far as I can tell, it's the only year a Jeep was used. Land Rovers were used from then on out. But in 1980, it was 3 CJ-6 Jeeps.

Awesome Crap!
I haven't bothered sending any pics of my project because the magazine seemed to be pretty rock crawler/Wrangler related, so I didn't think you would be interested.

Anyway, lately seems like you've at least started going back and picking up some older stuff. With the new "rat rod" (man, I hate that term!). I thought you might care to see the direction I took.

Way before the AEV Brutes started showing up (this project, just finished, took 8 years), I decided I wanted to build a Willys version of a Model A Roadster pickup.

So, yes, I know, it's a bunch of obsolete crap (who would build a rock crawler with a flathead V-8 anyway?), but I like obsolete crap so here's a picture of what I ended up with. I did everything that didn't have a stitch in it (meaning everything but sewing the seat cover and covering the top, although I built both of those items). Hope you like it.
Chad Christopher
Tuscumbia, Alabama

Locker Lowdown
Timing is everything! It seems like I'm saying, I just read this tire shootout last year, every year, but some of us need repetition. I don't remember seeing a locker shootout in the last five years of reading/subscribing to the mag. I just broke the Detroit that I had in my Dana 35. Reading the article "Locker Lowdown" (Oct. '09) was the icing on the cake to replace it with the Ox Locker. Thanks for everything you do!
Todd Dellinger
Yakima, Washington

Uh, We Never Lost
It's interesting, the edition that contains a mostly-naked woman just happens to be the one that has the extra cover telling me to renew today. I don't think so! I fought this battle a few years ago with you guys and won for a few years. No, I won't be renewing until I hear you are not going to have pictures of mostly-naked women again. I don't care who submits the pictures. My 11 year old son looks at these magazines. They have to be safe for him. I can't have him seeing these pictures and I don't want my husband looking at them either. He does not want me to renew the subscription as long as there are pictures like this. Please let us know if you decide to ditch the Sideways Jeep Chix Edition page and we will renew.
Stephanie M.
Via email

Nope, we don't plan on ditching it anytime soon. Most readers seem to like it based on the number of responses and actual submissions we receive. It's none of my business how you raise your children (or husband), but the truth of the matter is we don't show anything in Jp magazine that you wouldn't see at the beach, local lake, public pool, or even in your own backyard. If you decide to hide women in swimsuits from your children that's up to you, but I personally think it's a little over the top. I believe that hiding and not addressing topics such as this can lead to much bigger problems down the road.

Keep Your Jeep Too
I read "Keep Your Jeep" (Sept. '09). What I have done in the past is taken a fuse, cut the link, and substituted it for the fuel pump fuse. This usually allows the motor to start and move the Jeep about half way out of the parking space before stalling. This attracts attention to the Jeep, which is the last thing the thief wants.
George Newell
Northport, New York

Pickup Pick-Me-Up
Yes, I would love to see you turn a Dodge Power Wagon into a Jeep truck. The Power Wagon would have been a J-truck from the beginning if the marketing retards at Chrysler had half a clue what they were doing. Just think of how many people would have bought it just because it was a Jeep-not that that means much anymore.

I heard somebody around there has a hard on for MJs. Hopefully the attached pic will contribute to their fetish. It's an '88 long bed that I built for my wife. It has a Ford 8.8 rear axle, dual transfer cases, TNT long arm suspension, electric lockers, 35-inch Mickey Thompson MTZs, LED tail light boxes, and lots of other crap that I built. Screw the whiners, you guys have a great magazine. Feel free to make fun of me all you want.
William Crawley
Kent, Washington

Ferrari Correction
Just in case you really can't sleep at night worrying about a typo. In "The Jerrari" (Sept. '09) on page 49 in Hard Facts it says the V-12 was a 368 engine. The last time I drove that Jeep, Bill told me it was a 268 engine. Just kidding, of course, I never drove it nor did I meet Bill Harrah, but I did read that it was a 268.
Salem, Virginia

Woman Up!
I am writing in regards to the women who respond to your features and pictures. The mom who wrote in the September '09 Mailbag has fired me up. I am a woman Jeeper and own three Jeeps: two YJ's and an XJ. I am in no way offended by the Jeep chicks in the Sideways section, nor was I offended by Bree. It seems to me that the women who are offended may need to look at themselves (literally in the mirror) and see why these pictures offend them. I have been on many Jeep outings and see that the women who ride (not drive, I assume she doesn't wheel since she states that she is associated with Jeep owners) are usually overweight, with bad haircuts and bad clothes and overall just slobs. It's 100% jealousy why they are complaining. If this lady who wrote in the September issue is so mad, why didn't she send in a picture of herself and her Jeep. Oh, that's right, she doesn't own one, her husband and offspring (which I assume are sons) do. So unless you are a Jeep owner, keep your comments to yourself and look at a Good Houskeeping. Women who ruin things for others by complaining and bitching just need not to look at the pictures and just close the magazine. I feel sorry for their husbands, sons, and boyfriends. I bet they (the significant others of the complainers) don't get to go to Hooters either. I know there have to be other women who have some positive thoughts on this matter. Anyway, keep up the good work and keep up the girl pics.
Westport, Kentucky

Tuna Can Cherokees
I just read an article online saying that the Grand Cherokee and Cherokee are in the top ten automobiles traded in for the Cash for Clunkers bill. Is it possible for you guys to find out what they are doing with all these orphaned Jeeps? I hope they are not making them into metal boxes. If the government or dealers had any sense, they would sell them as used cars and still make money.
Arlington, Texas

Sorry, all of them got a lethal injection to the oiling system. These Jeeps and plenty of other perfectly good vehicles have hit the wrecker. They could only be used for parts (minus the engines of course). Once they've been picked over at the junkyard, most will be coming to a tuna can or Chinese-made car near you.

Axle Gone?
Hey, just thought I would pass this along. I wanted to get the axle shafts featured in "The Other Side" (Aug. '09). This is the conversation between a representative and me when I sent an e-mail.

Me: Hey I saw in the newest issue of Jp magazine that you had Wrangler Rubicon Dana 44 axles, but I couldn't find any info about it on your website. Could you send me some info or a pamphlet with some more information?

Them: Sorry, we no longer sell them. You can try RCV Performance.
Clay Yancey
Via e-mail

Yep. That dealer recently dropped the Jeep axle line. Go to for more info and check out "Get a Pair" in January '10 for a full install and our review of the RCV JK axles.

Less is More
Loved Christian's article "Gearing for Power" (Sept. '09). I just wish he had done it long ago. I'm one of those who thought the hp add-on would be the fix for big tires. Wrong! Just more money. Christian just proved the old theory that my father used to tell me all the time, "Sometimes less is more."
Ken Gistedt
Clover, South Carolina

Extra Mmmm
In "Jeep Game" (Sept. '09), I was stumped by #21. According to the answers on page 104, the correct answer should be "Limited." However, the scrambled letters contained too many M's and no D. Don't consider this to be the typical crying that you frequently get, as I'm just messing with ya'll. Love the magazine. Don't change anything.
Ray VanBuren
Via e-mail

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