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April 2010 Jeep Game - Crossword Puzzle

Posted in Features on April 1, 2010
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Photographers: Jp Archives

If there's anything obvious about this magazine, it's the staff's interest in Jeeps. Just ask our garages (and driveways, and backyards, and neighbors' curbs, and mates). Not only are we lucky enough to be able to say "it's for work" as the excuse to be on Craigslist and eBay during office hours, but it justifies our never-ending acquisitions of every variety of Jeep we "have to" own, and at what other job are you allowed to give projects names that include words such as "murderous," "evil," or "whatchamawhoozit"? This month's crossword puzzle is dedicated to some of the Jeeps we've built during the last 10 years; let's see if you've been paying attention to the pages of Jp. Answers on page 89.

1.The G in Hazel's '95 YJ, the GJ, stood for this
6.This '94 got 40-inch tires-but no lift. Hence, its name
7.Trasborg's Super Awesome M-715 also went by this religious name
8.This CJ-6 was also the name of a John Wayne movie
11.The 88,000-mile '93 Wrangler cost this; also its name
13.The '48 CJ-2A hot rod goes by Sloppy Seconds or this name
14.Mileage Master is being built by this Jp staffer
15.The never-ending Bruiser Chassis buildup
18.This '48 CJ-2A was called the ________ Bucket
19.Ex-staffer Verne's '97 Cherokee buildup
20.Hazel named this '89 model after the $500 it cost to buy
22.This '97 TJ was anointed Project what by Hazel?
23.Jp's long-term '01 TJ
24.Trasborg's recent Jeepster project
25.Cappa's '87 J20 was called the _______ Work Truck
26.The '48 Willys pickup is Project Murderous ________

2.Three-worded '07 Wrangler project, also recently called 55KJK
3.The focus of this '99 Cherokee was its 4.6L stroker engine
4.The '041/2 Wrangler Unlimited, called ________ Unlimited
5.The uninspired name of the '53 Flattie project
9.The 10-Day Competitor was built for this type of racing
10.Hazel's three-worded '68 M-715
12.The '73 J2000 Cappa built
14.The Project J2008 is this kind of Jeep
16.The '73 J2000 with Rockwells
17.The '66 Panel Delivery named for what it is
21.This '99 Cherokee was named after a character on Dallas

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