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July 2010 Jeep Game

Posted in Features on July 1, 2010
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Photographers: Courtesy of Chrysler

The Hemi. It's one of the few engines even a lay person (aka your mother) has heard of. With a rich racing heritage, it was no surprise that the performance monster would leave an indelible mark in the ponycar era, then make a comeback heard round the world. But just as William Shatner was reduced to Star Trek, the Hemi got stuck doing its time in the automotive equivalent: the Commander. This month's crossword puzzle deals with current Hemi trivia and the Jeep side of things, as well as back-in-the-day questions. Not up on Hemi history? Good! Learn something here, will ya already? And just to keep you on your toes, one word repeats twice. (You can cheat by flipping to page 96.)

2. DeSoto's version of the Hemi came in the 1952 model year and was called this
4. The Dodge Hemi, launched in the 1953 model year, was named what?
5.This sanctioning body banned the Hemi from races in 1965 because it wasn't in regular production
6. The 6.1L engine block is painted the color "Hemi" what?
8. The 6.1L ended up in this Jeep in 2005
11. The big, famous question that made it all happen was, "Can we put Hemi heads" on which block for NASCAR?
16 In 2005, the "new" Hemi reached a production milestone by having had this many roll off the assembly line
18. The number of carbs on the original Street Hemi
20. In 2004, this SUV got the 5.7L Hemi before the Grand Cherokee did 23. The M in MDS stands for this kind of displacement system
24. In 2006, the hi-po Grand Cherokee arrived. The "R" in SRT stands for this
25. The cylinder head has hemi-shaped what?
27. The 426 Hemi was what kind of version of the street engine?
28. The number of Jeeps currently in production with an available Hemi

1. This Jeep concept had two Hemi engines
2. In the old days, the Chrysler Hemi was called this
3. The 6.1L Hemi is in models with an 8 in their names. What is the prefix?
5. The Hemi-powered ponycars were popular in this series of drag racing
7. In 2003, this Hemi arrived
9. Hemi is short for this word
10. The 5.7L was Chrysler's first production engine to have two of these per cylinder
12. In 1964, these Chrysler stock cars with the 426 Hemi made headlines by winning First, Second, and Third Place at what 500 race?
13. One difference between the 5.7L and 6.1L is the 6.1L has larger these
14. The Street Hemi died in 1971 because of issues with fuel economy and this
15. The MDS switches from V-8 power to a mpg-happy model that runs on this many cylinders
16. The 5.7L block is made of this
19. What military application in WWII had a V-16 engine with a Hemi head?
20. The first Chrysler Hemi victory was in a NASCAR race in 1951 in this Michigan city
21. The Hemi has how many cylinders?
22. The 426 Hemi was in production for this many years
26. The 5.7L made its debut in this HD truck in 2003

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