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April 2011 Sideways

Posted in Features on April 1, 2011
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Waterlogged Jeeps
My grandmother passed away a few years ago. My aunt came across these photos from the late '50s and sent them to me, knowing my fascination with old Jeeps. I guess it runs in the blood.

The first picture is of the FC-150 they owned that was used for deliveries and launching and recovering customer boats on the river and nearby lakes. At one point while launching a boat, my grandfather forgot to set the hand brake, and the truck ended up rolling down the boat ramp and submerging up to the top of the windshield. Despite the water-logging, they used the truck for many more years until my grandfather sold the marina.

The second is a picture of my grandparents' Jeepster that was used at the marina they owned in La Grange, Illinois, on the Des Plaines River. The side decal on the door that can just barely be seen is the logo and name of the shop, Colby Marine.
Anthony Rio, Via email

Korea Crumple
Apparently my late uncle Charles went too far off-roading during his service in Korea. The only caption on the back of the photo reads, "This used to be my Jeep."
Craig Smith, Russell, KY

Freed Frogs
In honor of Veteran's Day, this photo is of Herb Carter from Saranac, New York, and a friend shortly after the liberation of Paris. What other vehicle would be appropriate for the occasion but the dependable Army Jeep!
Jim Gelston, Latham, NY

Got an old dusty memento of Jeep culture from the past, snapshots of granny and grandpa picnicking in the shade of their CJ-2A, or a relative in uniform with their trusty gas-horse? Scan 'em and send 'em to Sideways, Vintage Edition, and we'll be proud to share 'em.

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