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October 2011 Mailbag - Letters to the Editor

Posted in Features on October 1, 2011
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Swap Talk
I don’t wanna drag this out too long because aside from all the emails you get and your work, the last thing you wanna do is read a long email from me. I love reading your stories and the magazine as a whole, too. My only complaint is that they don’t come out fast enough. In your articles you’re always very up front about everything. For example, this motor swap editorial (Trail Head, July ’11), some people just don’t realize how complicated it really is. I had a friend swap a motor out of his Nissan Sentra and a year later it still wasn’t done. The shop had a tough time figuring out the wiring, and mechanics had done that swap before. I am glad I got a 4.0L in my Cherokee. I don’t need to swap it. So anyway, thank you and the rest of the staff for putting out a great magazine.
Via email

Horse Tradin’
I have been a five-year subscriber to Jp magazine. I had bought it off newsstands for about a year off and on until I subscribed. I have been diggin’ in the Willlys Jeep stuff for just as long. I had nine Willys at one time but I’m down to three along with a very nice boneyard of parts. I started out not knowing much at all but have become an expert on the Willys truck, wagon, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, and CJ-3B. My life has caught up with me and I’m sorting things out. No more time to build space frames, mess with engines, and old iron, but I do love the magazine!

Anyhow, my subscription is up and I got some things I’m willing to trade. I have a T-90 to Chevy small-block adapter. I think the adapter also works on the T-98 and T-86 as well. Check me on that. How about I trade that for a one or two year subscription renewal? I got other Jeep junk, but it’s being saved for the projects if I ever finish them. You know how it is with Jeeps, you think you fixed it and then it breaks just after saying it aloud too close to it. It’s like it can hear you.

If not a fair trade, well ya can’t say I never tried.
Jake Koons
Stuarts Draft, VA

Hmm, got a Spicer 18 with a 1¼-inch or 11⁄8-inch intermediate shaft? You cover the shipping for the transfer case to travel to California and I’ll send you a year subscription! Probably not such a great deal—for you.

Diesel Breath Holding
I currently own an ‘05 six-speed LJ Rubicon. I bought that when I was single and in my 30’s. Now married with kids (and sadly no longer in my 30’s!), I am ready to buy another vehicle. I would like something fun and sporty, with four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. It also has to be practical for someone with a few kids. While a four-door Unlimited JK would definitely fit the bill, I won’t buy one for one reason—the anemic minivan engine! Now I read in Dispatch that Chrysler/Fiat is considering a diesel Wrangler for the North American market? What? Two words for Jeep CEO Mike Manley: Do it!

I also own a diesel Excursion, and once you have tasted a diesel and its prodigious low-end torque curve, not much else can really compare. Offering improved mileage and longer engine life versus a conventional gas engine, as well as keeping tree huggers at bay, it is time Chrysler woke up and gave Jeep enthusiasts what they have been craving. Combined with the “green” agenda, which is building momentum daily, it’s a virtual no-brainer.

I anxiously await further news and will keep my fingers crossed. I am sure I am not the only one who was excited to read about this possibility. Just don’t keep me waiting too long, or a Subaru WRX is going to wind up in my driveway instead.
Dave Badami
Huntington, NY

Trasborg Roadside Adventure
Since I know Cappa likes to read hate mail, rabble, rabble, rabble… why don’t you do more on (insert Jeep model) and stop doing stories that nobody cares about on (insert other Jeep model).

Actually the only thing I have to say is that somebody needs to buy a junk Jeep out of state and drive it back leaking oil all over the place and running horribly. I miss those stories. I am thinking Trasborg needs a flat fender with an L-head from the rustbelt. He can drive it back to California at 35 mph with the windshield down. No trailer allowed, if it dies he has to buy a truck and flat tow it home.
Jeff Greendyk
Via email

More Mopar
I liked the articles on this swap (“More Mopar” Part I and II, July and August ’11), but would have liked to see the full dyno graph showing the power and torque range of the 5.9 in the TJ. Many guys I talk to are interested in engine swaps but a lot of them want to know what kind of power and torque the V-8 makes in the 1,500-2,000 rpm range. Could you post these numbers for us?

In this rpm range from behind the wheel you would feel a significant increase in power and torque over the stock four-cylinder engine.

Since our Jeep has an auto tranny and you typically run the Jeep in Third gear (or 1:1) for dyno pulls there really is no way to accurately show the V-8’s output in the 1,500-2,000 rpm range. But you can get an idea of where it would be based on the power curve.

Our engine was a little weak, especially in the midrange and top end, because of a lean condition we were experiencing. The computer has since cycled through closed loop a few times and has learned new parameters. If we ran it again today, we suspect that the numbers would level out and show another 15hp at peak.

Da Bears
I’ve been Jeepin’ since the early ’50s. Great article focusing on an issue that should concern anyone that is a wildlands traveler (How To Survive, July ’11). Bear spray is not just for bears. In the past, I have been confronted by skunks, badgers, raccoons, mountain lions, and even an occasional moose. Usually these animals have been startled or disoriented. Bear spray works and is much easier to use than my .44 in a close-quarter instant. Go to for the best bear spray product line on the market.
F.H. Latter
Evanston, Wyoming

In regard to the Jeep Chix Sideways Edition, get rid of the near-naked women playing in their suits! It is insulting to all women and demeaning to boot. It makes it look like your magazine is about smut and not about jeeping. I am a long-term subscriber and hope you will add me to the list of those who hold to family values in the sport of off-roading.
Robert Quinn
Centerville, UT

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