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June 2012 Sideways Jeep-Chix Edition

Woman Stading Next To Jeep In Snow
Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted June 1, 2012

Lovely Ladies And Their Jeeps

We won’t say that Jeep Chix is the most popular edition of Sideways. You guys say that for us! It’s gotten to the point that we’re actually getting nasty letters from both male and female readers for the months when we don’t run photos of cute Jeep girls. So, are we going to go all-chicks, all-the-time? Well, probably not. But the more submissions we get, the more Jeep Chix installments we can tantalize you with, so send ’em on in. You can snail-mail your submissions to Jp Magazine, Attn: Jeep Chix, 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245, where Hazel will probably just toss it in the ol’ circular file. Or much better, email your high-res images (include name and age of model and state/city taken) to with “Jeep Chix” in the subject line.

Here is my gorgeous wife, Monika, after a recent snow in the great Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee. Isn’t she snow cute? We are so lucky to have such a beautiful place to wheel, and I am lucky to have such a wonderful partner to wheel with.
Gordon Wright
Townsend, TN

Some moms drive minivans, but I drive my “McRock.” I stole it from my husband a mere two weeks after he purchased and lifted it. From going to schools, practice, games, grabbing groceries, or running those errands of the day, I love to drive my Jeep. Seeing reactions of little and big kids as I pull up to the stoplight and they find me, and not some guy, at the wheel is priceless. I am a housewife with three little boys and one big kid (Dad), and we have been wheeling for six years. McRock is fully ARB-locked with 4.56 gears, a 4.5-inch Rubicon Express lift, a slip yoke eliminator, and 35-inch KM2s. My husband only has 33s, but he does finally have his own Jeep!
Rachael McGee
Houston, TX

Real Jeep Girl
What you see is not always what you get. I am a girly girl, but also a filthy, dirty Jeep girl and the owner of this ’07 JK with a 4-inch Pro Comp suspension, 4.88 gears, and 35s. I am not afraid at all to get mud on my tires. I have been customizing it ever since it was brand new. I’m a country girl for sure and love to play in the mud. I’m also including a photo as some proof that I get my hands dirty as well.
Alicia Trump
Bolt, WV


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