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November 2012 Mailbag

Hippie Subaru
Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted November 1, 2012

Our Reader's Write Back

Hippie Mail Bomb—Pro
In your August ’12 Trail Head, you could not have said this better. I also enjoy the outdoors in many ways: hunting, fishing, four-wheeling, and so and on. I am a veteran and also support everyone’s right to free speech. But, we are all here to enjoy and live together. That means we all should have equal access to all publicly owned lands. I have owned seven different Jeeps, at least 10 other four-wheel-drive vehicles, and numerous ATV and other off-road vehicles. We (my family and friends) are very respectful of the land and resources that we have been blessed with.

I live in Oregon and am old enough to have watched the destruction of the economy and families of our wonderful state caused by the hippie tree-hugger nut jobs. Now we have to sit back and watch the wilderness burn due to their ignorance. Thanks for saying what we all want to say. Thanks also for a great magazine.

Christian, good for you for telling it like it is! Not only do you have the balls for saying it, but publishing it as well!
Aaron Meyer
Zionsville, IN

Just got my August ’12 issue and read Trail Head. Allow me to begin. Here is your standing ovation from the readers who get it. Strong work.
Joel F.
Via email

I loved the August ’12 Trail Head. I don’t believe I could have put those smelly hippiecrites in their place any better. There is nothing peaceful or loving about these people when you have a difference of opinion. Just because my wife and I own a Jeep and enjoy wheeling does not mean we are out to destroy everything we touch. I know there are boneheads out there with big tires and peanuts for brains that will crap on everything that they touch. We have lost trails and could face future closings in the Ozark National Forest due to irresponsibility, whether from four-wheel-drive vehicles or ATVs. Now before you send people to my house with torches and pitchforks, remember I said irresponsible four-wheelers and ATVers. We are not all the same. Some of us believe in taking care of what we have been given so that future generations can have access to these same trails. Thanks for a great magazine. Keep up the good work. I hope your boss gives you a raise.
Mike D.
Van Buren, AR

I could not agree with you more. Thank you for writing your August ’12 Trail Head! It is about time somebody writing for a major magazine simply wrote the truth and didn’t worry about what is politically correct.
Chad Reed
Via email

I have wanted a Jeep for years. I mean, years! They’re a bit expensive and rather impractical, and there was always somewhere better to put the money into: the house, the wife, the kid—you know how that goes.

Coming up on 60 years old, as I was looking to buy probably the last car I’ll ever buy, the wife told me to go buy my Jeep. And I did: an ’05 Wrangler X. Buddy, this thing is a riot! I love it! It was worth every minute of the 38 years I waited for it. I may be getting buried in my Triumph GT6, but I’ll be driving to the funeral in my Jeep!

Anyway, there are fancier names for it nowadays, but I’m a stock boy at a grocery store. I work the night shift. I went past the magazine rack last night with a case of Chef-Boy-R-Dee and couldn’t help but notice the “Fight! Hippies vs. Off-Roaders” cover blurb on the August ’12 issue of your magazine. I bought a copy on the way out this morning to check it out.

Thanks. I mean it, many thanks. I am one of your dad’s brothers in arms. I am a partially disabled, honorably discharged combat veteran of America’s war in Vietnam. I am also a 40-year veteran of America’s war on the Vietnam vet. I have waited years for someone to say something like you did in your Trail Head column. I appreciate it a lot.
Mike Hemken
Via email

Ya know, when I sat down to write that editorial I half expected to ignite a powder keg of controversy. Instead, I think I released a powder keg of pent-up frustration, emotion, and hurt. The response was staggering. By probably a ratio of at least 100:1, I received more email about my August ’12 Trail Head than any other story I’ve written. And surprisingly (to me), the response was overwhelmingly positive. Of the literally hundreds of emails, Facebook messages, and in-person thanks I got about that story, only three of them voiced any kind of negative or dissenting opinion. And of those three, only two were coherent enough to print. Which reminds me….

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