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January 2013 Mailbag

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Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted January 1, 2013

Our Reader's Write Back

Apocalypse Then
It was with great mounting horror I read your Trail Head in the September ’12 issue of Jp. It brought back horrific nightmares that I thought I had buried through years of imbibing Mad Dog 20/20 and shock therapy. Mine was a ’72 Ford van that I bought in 1974 to haul my dirt bikes around. I am so emotionally distraught from the return of these thoughts that all six of my therapists say not to continue, since I have already rented my garments and covered myself in sackcloth and ashes and burned a Ford emblem in effigy. The horror.

The second thing is the name you used for the nemesis of Inspector Clouseau. You used the name of Kato. That is not correct. Kato was the faithful sidekick of the Green Hornet. I believe the correct spelling is Cato. Both pronounced the same, but two entirely different people. You could prevent a recurrence of this by retaining my services as a proofreader. Since I live in the great state of the EJS, I would have to commute every week, so travel pay would be a necessity.

To make up for all the mental anguish you have intentionally (I know you will say it is accidental) inflicted on me, and since there is no real need to involve lawyers, you could make up for it by contributing to my “I need a ’47 CJ-2A” fund. If you cannot do this, which my therapists say will help me get over the trauma, a magazine subscription would help greatly (lifetime would be best, but I’m really old, so I might not get my money’s worth).
Via email

FSJ Follies
I know where you are at with your love/hate relationship with your FSJ! I bought my ’77 Cherokee two years ago with all intentions to rebuild her to pristine condition so I could pass her down to my 3-year-old daughter when she comes of driving age (figured it would take me that long...LOL). Well the economy tanked and I had to sell my business off and take a major loss. That loss included my new Dodge 1500 SLT, so that left me to make my Jeep my daily driver. Blood, sweat, money, and a lot of cursing and I am winning the battle. She drives great with a few minor leaks that if my work schedule allowed me two days off in a row, I could fix them.

I have nothing but love and pride for my Jeep. There aren’t too many of these vehicles in my town of Wilmington, North Carolina, and heads turn even though she is kinda rough (character). Jeep is not a fad, it is a culture upon which the tough at heart and the smart thrive! Don’t give up on it, but if you do I will adopt it and let you have visitation rights. Thanks and don’t give up!
Name withheld
Via email

Despite my somewhat comical, yet truthful editorial about my full-size Cherokee, I’m still using it as a pseudo daily-driver and weekend fun machine. When I factor cost of diesel at about $4.50/gallon for my Mega Cab and then compare that with 87-octane for the Cherokee at about $3.97/gallon, it’s about the same price to drive one versus the other. So, naturally, I slide behind the wheel of the Chief. However, since I wrote that Trail Head, the 360 has started running a bit warmer on the freeway and has developed a few more leaks, groans, and rattles. Mostly it’s been since I began driving it on the 250-mile round-trip drive to the office. I’m either going to have to bite the bullet and build a new 360 for it soon or stick to shorter around-town hops.

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