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January 2013 Vintage Vault

Posted in Features on January 1, 2013
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Photographers: Thomas Voehringer

With the Greatest of Ease!
Holy air time Batman! The original caption written for this photo when it ran in an article by Eric Rickman says, “Buddy Gibson of Sacramento, California, is a daring young man going places in a big hurry. His V-8 Ford-powered ’48 Jeep flies through the air with the greatest of ease!” Yeah, we’ll say! Rickman photographed and wrote an article entitled “Creepers Jeepers” covering the 2nd annual 4 Wheel-Drive Grand Prix in Riverside, California, for the June 1966 issue of Hot Rod. The “Top Eliminator Prize” was a brand new Jeep V-6! Sign us up; we’ll fire up the old-time machine!

Retro Project J2008?
Okay, so the timing is a bit off and unfortunately this can’t be Jp’s project J2008 because our truck was a ’68 and this photo was taken by Eric Rickman in 1966—but it’s pretty similar to what our Gladiator Project might have looked like after rolling off the dealer lot. Check out the dirt piled on that winch bumper! We are guessing that this Jeep took part in the race as part of Stock Class C…and the bumper helped slow it down.

Pow, Bang, Bam, Zoink!
Oof that landing looks like it hurt. The race course for the “Grand Prix” was a 2.2-mile course zigging and zagging across the Santa Ana riverbed in Riverside, California. Obstacles included river debris like stumps and logs, sand, mud, water crossings, huge sand hills, and deep pits with sharp banks—a course designed to beat you like a bad guy in the hands of the caped crusader. Photo by Eric Rickman.

Winning Powerplant
This photo by Eric Rickman shows the Chevy II four-cylinder ’46 Jeep with Ansen head that took First Place in Modified Class D. Pretty cool swap. Check out that big ol’ fenderwell header and those side-draft carburetors.

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