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The M606 Jeep was a low-cost export military vehicle that sold well all over the world. The M606s were standard civilian CJ-3Bs fitted out with olive-drab paint, military pintle hitches, blackout lights, bumperettes, and optional features. While rigs such as this were available as early as the late 1950s, the M606 term wasn’t seen until about 1965. Many like this were supplied under MDAP (Military Defense Assistance Program) where the U.S. Government supplied friendly foreign governments with modern military vehicles. The U.S. military also used the vehicles in non-tactical roles overseas. The M606A2 and A3 models, a similar adaptation of the CJ-5, replaced the CJ-3B based M606 models when the old high-hood went out of production in 1968. This restored M606 is an ex-Swiss Army rig and belongs to Rob Baens in the Netherlands.