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Jeep Willys 2 Concept Car - Drivelines

Left Angle
Wendy Frazier | Writer
Posted March 1, 2002

On The Road With...
Jeep Willys2 Concept
The definition of utility should read: J-e-e-p. With more than 60 years of heritage, the Willys Jeep has hauled American heroes to many a destination. After WWII everyone wanted a piece of the I-can-do-anything pie and so ensued the production of the civilian Jeep or CJ. The complete Willys history, abridged, reads like this: Willys-CJ-YJ-TJ. You're right, that was too abridged. Good news, though. In this issue Editor Rick Pw includes a more thorough Jeep journal that details Jeep history.

The Jeep Willys2 concept takes ample cues from its American roots, while still employing a freedom to explore modern technology. The concept resonates with the classic Jeep seven-slot grille, while still pulling from modern technology. Designed for the young and the young-at-heart, the techno-looking, 2000-ed version olive drab exterior paint is called Action Green.

The interior personifies modern with translucent gray and green plastics. The Willys2 has a lightweight aluminum frame and a carbon-fiber body and removable hardtop, which comes with a roof rack featuring a fullsize spare tire holder and an integrated luggage carrier, as well as three auxiliary fog and search lamps.

Technical specifications include a supercharged 1.6L, inline-four engine (160 hp and 155 lb-ft of torque) and a four-speed automatic transmission coupled with a shift-on-the-fly transfer case with full-time four-wheel drive and low-range modes. The suspension is a custom independent short-and-long-arm front and multilink solid rear axle, with coil springs at all four wheels, creating a low center of gravity with a long wheelbase of 95 inches and a wide track at 58.9 inches in the front, 59.4 inches in the rear. Combining a low center of gravity, capable suspension, a long wheelbase, a wide track width, and 12-inch ground clearance makes the Willys2 an all-around get-you-anywhere concept.

Jeep Willys2 Concept Specs
Engine: Supercharged 1.6L I-4
Transmission: Four-speed automatic
Power transfer: Full-time four-wheel
  drive with low range
Body structure: One-piece carbon-fiber
  body webbed to aluminum frame, with
  carbon-fiber removable hardtop and roof rack
Front: Independent short- and long-arm
  (SLA) with coilover shocks
Rear: Multilink solid rear axle with
  coilover shocks
Wheels: 21x71¼2
Tires: P235/65R21 Goodyear
Dimensions (inches)
Length: 142.4
Width: 70.5
Height w/roof rack: 70.0
Wheelbase: 95.0
Track (front/rear): 58.9/59.4
Ground clearance: 12.0
Overhang (front/rear): 22.7/24.7
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