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Jeep Willys 2 Concept Car - Drivelines

Posted in Features on March 1, 2002
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Contributors: Wendy Frazier

On The Road With...
Jeep Willys2 Concept
The definition of utility should read: J-e-e-p. With more than 60 years of heritage, the Willys Jeep has hauled American heroes to many a destination. After WWII everyone wanted a piece of the I-can-do-anything pie and so ensued the production of the civilian Jeep or CJ. The complete Willys history, abridged, reads like this: Willys-CJ-YJ-TJ. You're right, that was too abridged. Good news, though. In this issue Editor Rick Pw includes a more thorough Jeep journal that details Jeep history.

The Jeep Willys2 concept takes ample cues from its American roots, while still employing a freedom to explore modern technology. The concept resonates with the classic Jeep seven-slot grille, while still pulling from modern technology. Designed for the young and the young-at-heart, the techno-looking, 2000-ed version olive drab exterior paint is called Action Green.

The interior personifies modern with translucent gray and green plastics. The Willys2 has a lightweight aluminum frame and a carbon-fiber body and removable hardtop, which comes with a roof rack featuring a fullsize spare tire holder and an integrated luggage carrier, as well as three auxiliary fog and search lamps.

Technical specifications include a supercharged 1.6L, inline-four engine (160 hp and 155 lb-ft of torque) and a four-speed automatic transmission coupled with a shift-on-the-fly transfer case with full-time four-wheel drive and low-range modes. The suspension is a custom independent short-and-long-arm front and multilink solid rear axle, with coil springs at all four wheels, creating a low center of gravity with a long wheelbase of 95 inches and a wide track at 58.9 inches in the front, 59.4 inches in the rear. Combining a low center of gravity, capable suspension, a long wheelbase, a wide track width, and 12-inch ground clearance makes the Willys2 an all-around get-you-anywhere concept.

Jeep Willys2 Concept Specs
Engine: Supercharged 1.6L I-4
Transmission: Four-speed automatic
Power transfer: Full-time four-wheel
  drive with low range
Body structure: One-piece carbon-fiber
  body webbed to aluminum frame, with
  carbon-fiber removable hardtop and roof rack
Front: Independent short- and long-arm
  (SLA) with coilover shocks
Rear: Multilink solid rear axle with
  coilover shocks
Wheels: 21x71¼2
Tires: P235/65R21 Goodyear
Dimensions (inches)
Length: 142.4
Width: 70.5
Height w/roof rack: 70.0
Wheelbase: 95.0
Track (front/rear): 58.9/59.4
Ground clearance: 12.0
Overhang (front/rear): 22.7/24.7

Business Buzz*The '03 SUV market may see a fullsized Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Based on the Ram platform, the Wag may be designed to pack a fullsize punch in the face of big SUV competitors like the Expedition and the Suburban

*Ford Motor Company and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be developing an efficient "hydraulic hybrid" automotive drivetrain. The technology developed throughout this project has the potential to dramatically improve the fuel economy of light-duty trucks

*DaimlerChrysler announced that it will be "restructuring" its Freightliner commercial truck division. That means that DC will close three U.S. manufacturing plants, affecting some 2,700 employees. The company moves toward cutting 2001 profit losses and hopes to break even in 2002

*SEMA announced the 2001 awards for the aftermarket industry's hottest new products. They are Best New Pickup/SUV Product: Carriage Works' '02 Dodge Ram 1500 aluminum billet grille; Best New Off-Road/ 4-Wheel Drive Product and Best Engineered New product: Tal and Hadas Limited's wheel pull; Best New Accessory: Painless Performance's innovative R-F Control Center, which uses radio frequency to wirelessly operate accessories

*Rancho and Ford will market an "FX4" off-road performance package for Ford's F-150. The package will include specially valved Rancho absorbers, and the company is finalizing suspension details included in the package.

*Fabulous news! Gasoline prices have fallen even lower than one dollar a gallon in some places.

*Jeep cuts prices for some '02 models as DaimlerChrysler announced that it is reducing the prices on all versions of the Grand.

Coolest Reading PlaceHere's Jeff Daigle standing atop a "reading perch" at mile 343 alongside the course at the '01 Baja 500. We believe he is trying to concentrate on the meat of David Kennedy's tech article. But we couldn't tell if he was disgusted by the reading or horrified by the heavy horsepower V-8 that came sliding around the corner threatening to take out his perch. Horror, pure horror.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Junk!10.The next door neighbor, who you don't get along with, has started referring to your residence as "Sanford and Wife."

9. Your mom warned you that if you drag home another worthless relic, she would kick you out. So to test how serious she is, you bring home a Powerwagon.

8. What CC&Rs?

7. You can entertain yourself by planting a sign that reads "Nothing for Sale."

6. You have finally convinced your significant other that a 440 Mopar-powered International Travellall would be the ultimate soccer mom rig, especially with 38-inch Boggers.

5. You own a couple of acres in Rural City, USA, so what's another truck going to hurt?

4. You are doing your part to save an endangered species from the dreaded "State of California Retirement Program," aka car crushing program for old vehicles.

3. It is a hell of a lot cheaper to insure junk than to give a large portion of your paycheck over to greedy insurance companies for a new F-350.

2. You can tell your significant other, "Hey, it keeps me out of the bar, doesn't it?" (This always helps when you've got your eye on a new "toy.")

And the No. 1 reason1.You love the look on the insurance person's face when you tell them you have an International and they reply, "Who makes that?"Submitted by Mike Barbarigos at Summit Racing Equipment.

You Know You're a Gearhead (or Off-Roader) When...Once again our letters file was stuffed with hilarious reader witticism and satire. Here's what you all had to say:* choose car seats based on the quality of their five-point harness.Cheryl Wilsonby e-mail

* start sleepwalking in the middle of the night; you head out to the garage, grab a torque wrench, and tighten every bolt on your truck.A.Parnazinni
by e-mail* think Brakleen and a lighter make a pretty cool insect killer.*'ve ever driven by the police station with open headers (and gassed it a little), just to say you've done it.* can tell the brand of a tire by the way it sounds.*'re always looking for different ways home from work, just in case there is an old 4x4 going to waste in someone's pasture.Dustin Nolteby e-mail

*...the local NAPA gives you wholesale prices due to the quantity of parts you purchase.* testdrive a truck to see if the gear ratio of the new six-speeds would work better than the NV4500 you just installed.Greg Hiensby e-mail

Your 15 Seconds of Fame
We Want Your Video Footage!
You have a video camera; we have a Web site. You filmed the gnarliest rollover ever recorded; we have a sick-and-twisted need to view it. In fact, our desires don't just end with Swamper-up action. We yearn to stare at mid-flight trucks on sand, the worst sticks in mud-bog history, the entire saga of how momentum can equal an on-the-trail mend-we're jonesing to watch it all, and we realized we can get our fix from you! Send us video of anything we mentioned above or other cool happenings, and we might just pick it as the Clip of the Week, meaning you could score a 4-Wheel & Off-Road license plate! Interested? Follow the rules below to increase your odds of getting that coveted plate!

1.Do send raw footage shot only at an event that the public was invited to.

2. Don't expect to see the tape you send us ever again. Make a copy and give us that.

3. Do bookend your clip with about a minute of raw footage in front of and after the key activity.

4. Don't submit footage of an entire event-we want only the part you found interesting enough to think worthy of a plate. And don't throw a fit if we edit it down, add music, pop in some special effects, or add any other features we've just learned how to do with the editing equipment.

5. Do tell us the name of the event, who you are, the club you're with, the trail you're on, the conditions, what happened, the rescue-anything that sets the mood. You can intro the piece on camera, or you can write up a description with these details.

6. Don't give us Quicktime movies or anything that was forwarded to you. We can only work with raw video.

7. Do provide this on VHS or mini-DV tape.

Calendar of EventsMarch 1-3*Desert Safari, Salton Sea, CA. 619/390-8747,*SCORE Racing, San Felipe 250. 818/225-8402*Skyjacker Women's Rock Crawling, Johnson Valley, CA. 800/556-2801,*Western Adventure Tours, Baja 4x4 Tour, Baja, Mexico. 760/789-1563*YO Ranch Jeep Jamboree, Mountain Home, TX. 530/333-4777,

March 14-16 ARCAGoodyear/Skyjacker Rock Crawling Championship, Farmington, NM. 800/388-5337 801/446-5337

March 15-17*CA4WDC Molina Ghost Run, Coalinga, CA. 800/494-3866*Lake Havasu 4x4 Desert Run, Lake Havasu, AZ. 928/453-6856

March 16 American Sand Association: Glamis Cleanup, Imperial Sand Dunes, CA.

March 21-24 Tread Lightly Convention, Durango, CO. 800/966-9900

March 23-30 Red Rock 4 Wheelers: Easter Jeep Safari, Moab, UT. 801/259-ROCK

March 27-30 American Suzuki Association Moab Zukfari, Moab, UT.801/801-7271

March 29 American Sand Association: Glamis Cleanup, Imperial Sand Dunes, CA.

March 29-30*CORVA Convention, Santee, CA, 800/42-CORVA*Fudpucker Racing FRT 200, Octotillo, CA.

March 31 American Sand Association: Glamis Easter Egg Hunt, Imperial Sand Dunes, CA.

Want us to come to your event? Send event info and an invitation including who's putting it together and a contact phone number to or mail to 4-Wheel & Off-Road-Calendar, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048. Remember that we do need the details like where it's going to be, when it's going to happen, what kind of event it is, and a name/number for a person that can give us more info.

Guess What DC's Doing on Its Days Off?
How do we know what the folks at DaimlerChrysler do out of the office? Oh, we have ways. It's all about the U.S. postal service, baby. Chad Tew, district manager in DC's Philadelphia office, sent us a couple of his wheelin' pics. Basically, you can't go wrong knowing that folks in the industry practice 4x4 tactics in their off-time as well as their on-time.

A Day In The Life
Lunch Bunch Topics-Delusional Ramblings*Kick the Cockroach-"A game of suspense and intrigue." "Hey, everybody can play!"
*The terminal velocity of a penny dropped from a tall building
*Concealed weapons permits
*Looking down from a 10-story window at the vehicles in the parking lot
*John Cappa, editor of Jp magazine, and a French maid costume
*A white van plowing through some bushes then bursting into flames.
*How to order a fish taco in hillbilly

Say What?
Silly Quotes From People We Know
Late one night in our building, a small gathering had taken place to watch a video in Jp magazine editor John Cappa's office. Publisher Jim Ryan walked by and said, "What are you guys watching?" Cappa's serious response: "It's called a TV, Jim."

Cyber Off-Roading
Toyota Offroad Here's a good tip: go to your computer right now. Hopefully it's in your garage where you can stare dreamily at your 'Cruiser and check out some cool Toyota connections at The Toyota site focuses, of course, on four-wheel drive 4Runner, Rav4, 4x2, 4x4, HiLux, and Land Cruiser. They have pages and pages of killer "readers rides," Toyota news, technical articles, truck magazines (including our very own 4-Wheel & Off-Road), links to other Toyota4x4 sites/products and a discussion/message board. It's much better than watching TV all night.

Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road Whenever you come across a good Web site (, you should bookmark it ( Maybe add it to your favorite file. Feel free to gleam as much ( 4x4 information as you can from's automotive news, tech stories, event coverage, feature vehicles. You can even post notes on our bulletin boards (, or just surf to your heart's content. We bet you'll find all sorts of ( mayhem there. Go now. Go right now!

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