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Gashed Sidewall

Posted in Features on December 15, 2010
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Gonzo. Done for. Outta here. Yup, there isn't a truck tire made that we haven't figured out how to slash. But since we're usually too lazy to break out the spare, we've also gotten pretty durn fine at getting down the trail on patched, stitched, and repatched rubber. This special On-The-Trail Repairs section includes a story about burping a tire back onto its bead, but what if the air just refuses to stay inside? A small hole isn't a big deal-just break out the Safety Seal kit and plug the sucker, er, blower (see "The Hole Truth," July '96). It's the big hankin' sidewall gashes that get fun, but we figured out a way to stitch them up so you can limp home if you're spareless and slashed. However, consider this a temporary emergency repair and not one you should ever use at speeds above a trail crawl.

Tools •Air compressor •Needle-nose pliers •Tire-plug rasp •Two large pliers

Supplies •Bailing wire

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