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Thursday’s Top 5: Best SEMA 2013 Babes

Posted in Girls on November 8, 2013 Comment (0)
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We’re pulling the all-nighters to provide a quality flow of SEMA coverage. Here are a few highlights of Thursday’s attractions.

SEMA booth model Deee-Rubio
Model: Deee Rubio
Make: Brunette In TruCarbon Booth
Year: 1986
Treads: Size 7 Thrift-Shop Wedge
Accessories: Inked Sleeves

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SEMA booth model Jessica Weaver
Model: Jessica Weaver
Make: Blonde In Anzo Booth
Year: 1989
Treads: Size 6 Army Boots
More Info:

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SEMA booth model Ariel Da Vee
Model: Ariel Da Vee
Make: Big O Tire Blonde, Super Dirty Fan
Year: 1989
Treads: Size 8 Elf Booties

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SEMA booth model Ana Cheri
Model: Ana Cheri
Make: Brunette In Anzo Booth
Year: 1988
Treads: Size 8 Army Boots
More Info:

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SEMA booth-model Randyl Dawn
Model: Randyl Dawn
Make: Brunette In Falken Tire Booth
Year: 1987
Treads: Size 7 Race Queen boots
More Info:

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