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First Look: Full Throttle's Massive H2 Lift

Front Drivers Side View Driving In Sand
Randall Jachmann | Writer
Posted November 13, 2002

Full Throttle has created an extreme 9.5-inch lift kit for the world's most indestructible SUV.

The crew of Full Throttle Suspension Inc. is considered within the industry to be one of the headliners when it comes to building some of the most extreme suspension lifts on the market. With the introduction of the '03 Hummer H2 earlier this year, Full Throttle has created an extreme 9.5-inch lift kit for the world's most indestructible SUV.

The 9.5-inch H2 kit consists of Full Throttle's CAD/CAM designed, fully formed P&O stamped steel HD tubular upper and lower front control arms and front dual shock hoops. The OEM cross members have been replaced with heavy-duty strengthened units while custom bracketry drops the differentials to retain the factory drive train geometry.

The H2 suspension lift is available for either the standard five-link rear suspension or for units fitted with the optional SB2 five-link rear air suspension system. Custom designed and fabricated HD tubular traction bars and a rear sway bar relocator kit are also included.

Adding the lift to an H2 will increase the ground clearance drastically from the factory 0-inches to a whopping 18.5-inches at the center cross member. That's not all, though. The front wheel travel will be increased to a staggering 12-inches while the rear wheel travel increases in excess of 16-inches.

The lift will easily allow for the installation of 39-inch-diameter tires mounted on 16.5x14 wheels. Other available options offered by Full Throttle for the kit are custom fabricated CV drive shafts and custom color-matched suspension components. We were able to get a hold of Full Throttle's H2 for a feature shoot in this this issue (page 54) as well as this first look at their kit. Here' a quick overview!


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  • Here's the first look at Full Throttle's H2 suspension lift. We were able to persuade Full Throttle to give us a sneak peak of the installation of their kit. Like any GM IFS suspension system, the installation was straightforward without any snafu. If you're looking to get more suspension travel and clearance out of your HD, the Full Throttle lift kit will do the job.

  • The front sway bar mounting hardware is installed and tightened.

  • The outer tie-rod end is secured into position and torqued.

  • The upper shock bolts on shock hoop are fastened.

  • The front shock remote reservoirs are mounted out of the way.

  • The upper control arm bolts have been installed and are secured to their proper torque specification.

  • Full Throttle's rear lower trailing arm bracket is mounted to the frame.

  • On the rear end, Full Throttle installs the optional Full Throttle Lower Trailing Arms

  • Installing the optional Full Throttle rear trac-bar.

  • Full Throttle finished the installation by installing the rear shocks, then we took the H2 to the alignment rack so we could beat on it for this month's photo shoot