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1998 Dodge Diesel Upgrade Project - Giving Back - Web Exclusive

ATS Diesel | Writer
Posted March 14, 2011

Surprising a Marine With A Heck of a Diesel Upgrade Project

About the Project:
Chuck, who manages Truck Transmission and Turbo in Wheat Ridge Colorado, was discussing his friend John's stepson (Sergeant Brian Douglass) while in the gym earlier this year. Brian has been overseas in combat zones nonstop for years working as a dog handler. A Colorado native, born and raised in the Denver area, Brian reported to boot camp just days after graduating from Ralston Valley High School in 2003. Trained as a dog handler, Brian's first deployment was in 2005 in Iraq, and he was currently serving his second deployment in Afghanistan.

John mentioned to Chuck that he would like to do something to thank his Marine stepson for his service by upgrading his 1998 24V Dodge Truck. Chuck decided to create an 'Overhaulin' type of project using donations by local Colorado business to fund a surprise project build on Brian's truck that would be waiting for him upon his return to the US. Brian's stepfather tricked him into thinking that his truck was being taken to the shop for routine repairs.

Chuck contacted the below-listed companies and began collection parts and donations to make the build happen. As the money and parts came together, Chuck's team at Truck Transmission and Turbo upgraded the Dodge and prepared it for the surprise.

Once the upgrades were done and Brian arrived home from duty he was brought to Truck Transmission and Turbo to discuss what was being "repaired" on the truck and what other maintenance items were needed. As Brian was brought outside to the truck a crowd of supporters was waiting to surprise him and the finished truck was revealed. Brian was sent home to enjoy his new ride for a short time before his next tour of duty overseas.


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