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Here's the key to it all. AOR developed the Orbit-Eye after experiencing toasted urethane eye bushings while out 'wheeling some of Colorado's trickiest trails, such as 21 Road. This spherical bearing rotates inside a molybdenum-disulphide socket. The compound is self-lubricating and long-wearing, but high-quality grease can add even greater smoothness and wear resistance. The Orbit-Eye is held in place with threaded spacers that tighten into place with a spanner wrench. We asked AOR owner Kevin Grove how long Orbit-Eyes typically last. "We don't know," he said. "As long as we've been testing and selling them, we've never seen one wear out." The Orbit-Eye assembly fits tightly inside the spring eye, but the spherical bearing assembly is given added security by a plug weld between the spring and the Orbit-Eye sleeve.