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Jeep Off Road Packages - Mopar Armor

Posted in How To on February 14, 2008
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Remove the Rubicon's rocker panel protection.

We can assume you're an off-road vehicle enthusiast, since you're reading OFF-ROAD. The first thing we all do as enthusiasts is to modify our vehicles to work better in the backcountry, whether we're traveling on dirt roads, rocks, or mud. For years, Jeep aficionados have turned to the aftermarket for their bumpers and other armor because the factory only offered cheesy, thin-walled tube bumpers and steps that dented or collapsed at the slightest touch of a rock.

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Not anymore. Mopar engineers have come up with an off-road package for Jeeps that includes heavy-duty bumpers, rocker panel guards, an underbody skidplate, and rear corner guards that are actually made to be taken into the rocks! The bumpers afford much more clearance than the factory ones, along with more usability and strength. The bodyarmor is as good as aftermarket offerings.

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Every Mopar accessory is backed by a great warranty. When installed on a Jeep or Dodge vehicle that's within the new vehicle limited warranty period, they're covered by either a 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty or a 12-month/12,000-mile limited Mopar warranty, whichever is more favorable to you. They need to be installed by your dealer for this warranty to take effect, but even the most ham-fisted service department can install these parts without fouling-up the job.

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The plastic trim piece is removed and not reinstalled.

The reason you can trust even the most inept dealer service people to install these parts correctly is not because they have become more proficient at their jobs, but because the Mopar parts bolt-on easily. Really, they do. Holes line up, everything fits, and you can keep parts that are already on your vehicle, such as the factory tow package.

To show you how truly easy it is to install these parts, we enlisted the help of our neighbor who owns a new Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. As you'll see, this installation was performed in the owner's garage with common handtools. The installation of all these pieces -- except for the corners, which will be a separate upcoming feature -- took about three hours.

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The Mopar Armor for Jeeps is tough, works well, and is worth a look by Jeep owners who want to upgrade their vehicle for off-road use. Follow along and see how easy the parts are to install.

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