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'99 to '05 Chevy 1500 Suspension Lift - Keeping It Real

Posted in How To on April 1, 2006
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With all the suspension lifts on the market for '99-'05 GM K1500s, there isn't much in the way of options as far as lift height goes. Most seem to be around 6 inches. There has been a huge demand for a lift closer to 3 inches for the guys looking to run a 32-inch tire who don't want to have to jump to get in their truck. The folks at Skyjacker saw this demand and gave the customers what they asked for: a true 3-inch lift featuring precision-engineered steering knuckles and the option to return the vehicle to stock.

For over 30 years Skyjacker's commitment to cutting-edge technology has enabled it to be the industry leader in product design and development. Skyjacker's design goes beyond the basic lift. All angles are covered from ride quality, handling, and steering geometry to driveline, CV angles, and longevity.

The new 3-inch lift from Skyjacker allows for a full 3 inches of lift without cranking up the torsion bars, thereby retaining the factory ride quality and handling characteristics. Skyjacker's precision-engineered steering knuckles allow for the upper A-arms to remain in the factory position. The front differential is lowered using Skyjacker's 3/16-inch-thick differential brackets. Skyjacker's design also leaves the upper differential mount intact, whereas most kits on the market -- no matter what height -- require the differential mount be cut off, eliminating the possibility of returning the vehicle to stock.

Besides the K1500 pickup, Skyjacker has released new 3-inch kits to fit all '99-'05 GM 1500s. Kits are available for the Avalanche, Denali, Escalade, Tahoe, Yukon, and Suburban. These kits feature Softride rear coil springs, greaseable rear lower control arms, and much more. Skyjacker has kits designed for Autoride models as well, featuring heavy-duty bracketry to relocate the factory Autoride shocks.

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