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2004.5 Dodge Ram Quad Cab Desert Racing Truck - Great White

Front View
Phil Howell | Writer
Posted September 15, 2006
Contributors: Greg Boardman
Photographers: Greg Boardman

Desert Racing Concepts Turns a Dodge Ram into a Desert Shark

Lately, we've been seeing Dodge Ram trucks working very well off-road at rates of travel that are unbelievable. This is amazing since the Dodge Ram is certainly no lightweight, especially when equipped with the Cummins Turbodiesel. Kent Kroeker, CEO of KORE, a company which specializes in high-end suspension systems for Dodge trucks, has done very well in the Stock Full class in trucks equipped with KORE suspensions. Others equipped with KORE suspensions are also doing well with their own trucks.

LT355/70R17 Toyo Open Country A/Ts are mounted on Weld Commando Pro beadlock wheels, just like Trophy Trucks use. The big 37-inch meats and beadlock wheels haven't been balanced and don't shake at any speed. At all

Kent introduced us to Greg Boardman, owner of Desert Racing Concepts in Twentynine Palms, California. Greg is well known for having built many Dodge Rams for famous industry people as well as other magazines. Greg also owns his own Ram, "Big Red," the cover truck on the last issue of Diesel Power magazine that you'll be seeing in these pages in a few months too. We talked with Greg about building the ultimate Dodge Ram 4x4. "Ultimate" to us meaning that the Ram would work great on-road and off-road. It would have manageable (not overwhelming), reliable horsepower and torque, as well as a world-beating suspension. We'll let Greg tell you about it...

Desert Racing Concepts is dedicated to building trucks that work off-road. Really work. When we first talked about building this '04.5 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 4x4, we had a vision from the start. Let's build the baddest Dodge Ram Turbodiesel truck on the planet - a 400hp desert assault vehicle. With a vehicle like this, you'd be able to travel off-road (or on-road) at high speed, over the roughest terrain, for hours on end.

Great White's heart is the Cummins 5.9 Turbodiesel inline-six. The reliable, super-tough engine's potential has been unleashed with the addition of a Scotty cold-air intake system, Edge EZ and Jammer BB turbocharger, and Diesel Dynamics stage-two injectors and 5-inch exhaust system.

At DRC, we're not into big bling; awesome performance is our thing. We build trucks for the real world and for real people - truck people! From Unlimited suspensions to manageable power to looks that kill, we know where to bend a stock truck into a Great White! The shark, that is. A desert shark. So smooth, so fast, and so stealthy that you don't even see it coming. Then, out of nowhere, it flies by in a blur of white and black. With the style of desert racing and the aggression of the diesel, this truck will be perfect.

The first thing we did was call Kent Kroeker and KORE, manufacturers of well-engineered, high-end suspensions for the Dodge Ram truck. Kroeker has been racing in the desert for years and is a Baja veteran. His experience in the off-road world is evident in his company's products. The KORE Unlimited Series, the top of the KORE line, was the only suspension choice for a truck this bad.

Second, we called a buddy of ours, Fred Swanson, owner of Desert Diesel Parts in Phoenix, Arizona. We have been learning from Swanson for years and knew he was the man for the performance upgrades. He's also the best transmission builder in the West, having built trannys before for our personal trucks without failure. Fred is the man!


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