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1967 Jeep Commando - Covering That Old Jeep With a New Soft Top

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Kevin McNulty | Writer
Posted October 1, 2006

Bestop Makes a Great Top for Just About Everything

McNulty's '67 Jeepster Commando fitted with a new Bestop Tigertop soft top.

If the Jeep you drive is a classic or just an old clunker in need of a new top, no doubt Bestop makes a high-quality replacement soft top for it. My '67 Commando is a somewhat obscure vehicle as far as Jeeps go, and when I bought the vehicle people were telling me, "Anything you do to it will have to be custom work."

The people who told me this were somewhat correct because the more I searched for old and new Jeepster parts on the Internet, the more I didn't find them. However, to my utter amazement, I did find that Bestop still makes a brand-spanking-new Tigertop for the Commando. For me this was great news, since the company that shipped the vehicle to me somehow lost the Jeep's original factory hardtop in transit. I immediately ordered the top, and it didn't take long for it to arrive.

Bestop offers tops for all these older vehicles: '41-'49 CJ-2A, MB, WWII; '48-'53 CJ-3A, M38; '53-'64 CJ-3B; '55-'75 CJ-5, M38A1; '76-'83 CJ-5; '55-'81 CJ-6; '76-'86 CJ-7; '76-'86 CJ-8 Scrambler; '67-'73, C101, C104 Jeepster Commando; Toyota FJ40; and early Ford Bronco.

Follow along as I take you through a very quick and simple Tigertop installation.


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